The 8Rs to Freedom

This teaching from the For My Life program helps us understand how to remove the things in our life that are not from God. It then helps us maintain our freedom and help others achieve and maintain their freedom. 

Watch, read the highlights below, and be blessed!


The 8 Rs Help us Achieve and Maintain Freedom

  • After we achieve a measure of freedom at the For My Life program, we begin a lifelong journey of increasing and maintaining that freedom.
  • Understanding that this is a journey is key. We’re not perfected yet but as we practice we can continue to grow in overcoming.
  • Stumbling sometimes is part of practice but we can learn from the mistakes and be more victorious in the future.
  • The 8 Rs are tools. With God’s timing and help, they can steer us towards being an overcomer in every area of life.

The 8 Rs to Freedom:

  1. Recognize – Before we can seek to remove an issue, we must recognize that it is a problem. This step is where we see the issue and its bad fruit.
  2. Take responsibility – This is where we admit that we have sinned. We are willing to be honest that we did it (or it was our choice), without blaming others or circumstances.
  3. Repent – This is where we have a change in heart about the sin and decide to turn away from it. We decide we don’t want to live that way anymore and our thinking is changed to agree with the way God thinks in His Word.
  4. Renounce – In renouncing, we choose to “come out of agreement” with the sin. We draw a line in the sand and resolve to not do it anymore.
  5. Remove – This is where we actually remove the sin (a being) from our lives. We command it to go in Jesus’ name.
  6. Resist – Now we resist the temptation of that sin. We take thoughts captive, renew our mind with the Word and choose to walk in His ways.
  7. Rejoice – We rejoice in our new freedom and are grateful to God for His We walk in an attitude of thankfulness and joy continually for what He has done.
  8. Restore – As we grow in our journey, we have a heart to help others. This is where we make ourselves available to help others see the way out of their issues, as we were helped. This is the fruit of the gospel and establishing God’s Word on this earth.

The good news is that we do not have to be perfect. It is a journey, in which we grow, and when we make mistakes we continue to improve. So, be gentle with yourself. Use the 8 Rs to come back to Him for help, without guilt or shame, in time of need.

We can overcome!

Be blessed.

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