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  • Over 20 years ago Dr. Henry W. Wright delivered a message to a group of Wycliffe Bible translators on the Spiritual Roots behind many of the health issues that plague mankind. Little did anyone know that it would be transcribed and turned into a national best-selling book called A More Excellent Way.

  • A More Excellent Way supplies profound knowledge about the secrets of healing and the prevention of disease. Using sound scriptural and scientific observation, Dr. Henry Wright leads the reader on a journey of personal responsibility, identifying root causes to diseases, and offering a pathway of healing and wholeness that has been missing in the Body of Christ. In A More Excellent Way, you will understand why mankind has disease, identify specific blocks to healing, and discover Biblical pathways to health.

  • Hundreds of Thousands have experienced healing through the information found in A More Excellent Way when nothing else worked. An invaluable resource in understanding the spiritual dynamics behind diseases of the spirit, soul, and body, this book is a must-read for spiritual leaders, health care professionals, and individuals everywhere!