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After decades of Bible study, prayer, and research, Dr. Henry W. Wright began to notice patterns of how things such as fear, shame, and guilt affected the health of people whom he ministered to. He compiled these insights into what he called the possible Spiritual Roots of Disease®. Using his research, Be in Health has over 30 years of experience ministering to people who are afflicted with every manner of disease with astounding results of healing and restoration by God. We help people understand why they get sick so they can prevent and overcome disease in their lives.


Pneuma (spirit) – Pyscho (soul) – Soma (body) – tology (the study of)

After decades of working with people, Dr. Henry W. Wright developed a new type of scientific study called PneumaPsychoSomatology, or PPS. PPS is just a fancy word for the study of the connection between the spirit, soul, and body.

The Bible is clear about the enemy’s kingdom and how spirits, such as fear, affect people on the earth. There are also many Scriptures that indicate how our disobedience to God and agreement with these spirits can cause disease in our bodies.

Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those
things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven
shall be shaken. –Luke 21:26

So we seem to have a pretty good understanding about what is going on in our spirits and bodies, but what about our souls? I Thessalonians 5:23 says that we are spirit, soul, and body. PPS looks at what is going on at the soul level—Dr. Wright saw this as a key component to helping people walk in health and wholeness.

It does not help people if they address and repent of a generic list of things they do not understand. If we can help people recognize how these spirits have influenced their thoughts, mindsets, and emotions, then they can come out of agreement with them and choose to follow God’s ways instead. Repentance is not a work of the flesh; the Spirit of God must lead it.

Jesus led people to a more correct way of thinking. We want to be like Him and help others be successful in their Overcomers’ Journey®.


Be in Health has thousands of testimonies of people who are healed by God because they applied what they learned in For My Life Retreat to their lives.  A team of professionals approached us about doing an official, peer-reviewed study on the benefits of the For My Life Retreat.

The results of this study were astounding.  They revealed significant scientific evidence that for the For My Life Retreat was substantially beneficial to all demographics.  Additional information that we derived from the study has shown lasting positive results in the reduction of major depression as well as stress and anxiety-driven illnesses.

The study was first published in the Journal of Religion and Health in October 2015 and has more recently been published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in January 2018.