Find Healing in the Father’s Love – The Father’s Love Teaching Sound Bite

The Father’s Love teaching from the For My Life® Retreat covers one of the most important truths you will ever hear. It serves as the foundation for all physical and psychological healing. The separation from the love of a father is one of the great tragedies of our generations. It is important, for your relationships and health, to understand that your perfect Father in heaven loves you! We want to begin to help you to receive healing in the Father’s love today.

Here are a few key points that this teaching addresses:

  • We are all familiar with Jesus and His incredible love and sacrifice for us on the cross, but why is a relationship with Father God also important?
  • Why is it sometimes difficult for us to relate to Father God, and how might our relationship with our earthly father affect our relationship with our Heavenly Father?
  • Who is God the Father, and how should we relate to Him, to God the Word, and God the Holy Spirit?
  • What does it mean to be reconciled to a relationship with the whole Godhead?
  • What does our relationship with God, ourselves, and others have to do with our health?
  • How may we be separated from love in relationships?

Hearing these words is crucial for healing in the Father’s love:

Dr. Henry W. Wright and the Be in Health® team have taught this material all over the world. And without exception, they’ve found that 95% of audience members do not remember hearing their earthly father say, “I love you.” Or if they did say it, it was not acted out in reality. It is important to hear these words.

Many people have received emotional and physical healing when they finally receive the love of their Heavenly Father. Healing begins as God heals a broken heart from the tragedy of the past.

We are excited to present a Father’s Love teaching sound bite from our For My Life Retreat. It will give you a taste of this powerful teaching. This particular recording is especially precious as it features our late founder, Dr. Henry W. Wright, teaching this life-giving message.

“God’s perfect will is not just to heal you; God’s perfect will is that you don’t get sick.” ~Dr. Henry W. Wright

Today is the day to start your overcomer journey!

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey of healing and restoration that we call the overcomer’s journey. We are dedicated to fulfilling the vision and mission that God charged Dr. Henry W. Wright and Pastor Donna Wright with when they started this ministry to establish generations of overcomers.

The For My life Retreat is a life-changing, week-long retreat where you can find healing in God for your spirit, soul, and body. We have also developed the For My Life Online course, where you can participate with us from the comfort of your own home.

Find out more about our For My Life Retreats!

Be blessed and enjoy the journey!

The Be in Health Team


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Do you remember your father saying, "I love you"? Why is this important? Learn how you can receive healing in Father's love today!

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