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Mental Illnesses

A Biblical approach to identifying and defeating the spiritual root causes of mental illness. The Bible holds keys to help you overcome mental illness. Through applying the insights that we teach at Be in Health®, thousands of others have defeated mental illness in their lives. You can too!

Who Is Affected by Mental Illness

The topic of mental illness is often avoided because it is largely a misunderstood issue. It is not uncommon for a stigma to follow mental illness causing significant distress, frustration, and maybe even shame to those who struggle with it. But, we want to bring hope to you today because today represents the beginning of freedom from something that is afflicting countless people across the United States and the World.

According to national statistics for the United States, one in five adults experiences some form of mental illness. In addition, 17% of youth from 6-17 years old experience a mental health disorder. Hardly any person has not been affected by the influence of mental illness, either in their own life, or in the lives of loved ones and acquaintances.

The medical community can offer medications that might bring some kind of management for the issue. There are also therapies, alternative treatments, and self-help courses available. Yet you may find that the issues at hand are only partly managed, or you are left experiencing the adverse side effects of medications and treatments that could not cure the problem.

You may have tried many of them only to find yourself back at square one. Besides that, you may feel pressured and driven to try to figure out your problem and fix yourself so that you can be ‘normal’ again.

What Does the Bible Say About Mental Illness?

Our society has created terms for mental illness that we are familiar with. These terms can include depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, bi-polar, dissociative identity disorder, anxiety disorder, and a host of others. Many of these include various spectrums and levels as well.

Did you know that there are terms in the Bible for what we now call mental illness? There are terms like heavy laden, downtrodden, and perplexed, to name a few. We want to take you on a journey to discover true lasting solutions so your mind and spirit can be completely restored, leaving the stigmas behind.

The Word of God says, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Mathew 11:28 KJV

Can Mental Illness be Cured?

There are thousands of people just like you who no longer have a mental illness. They are now completely free from all of the effects of mental illness because of the Biblical insights that they have learned at Be in Health®. We want to share this information with you, too!

These precious people spent years, or even decades battling mental illness. Many of them tried everything that they could find to get relief in their minds and feel normal again. It wasn’t until they came to Be in Health that they received the complete healing that they needed for their spirit and their mind. Today, they have a sound mind and are not just surviving, but they are truly thriving. Some of their testimonies are available here on this page to bring encouragement and hope to you.

What Causes Mental Illness?

Did you know there are reasons a person has mental illness? Mental illness doesn’t just happen to a person. There may be two people who experience similar situations, and one ends up with a mental illness, but the other comes through it just fine. We want to help you to understand the cause of mental illness and to come alongside you in your journey to freedom. We have over thirty years of experience in medical research, study of the Bible, and ministering to individuals who struggled with many forms of mental illness. Nothing is too big for God!

 Because of medical and psychological research, we understand that many mental illnesses are a result of a chemical imbalance in our brains and bodies. The medical community would try to manage this by altering your body chemistry through medications and various treatments. But at Be in Health, we have searched to know what is causing the imbalance to begin with.

 We have found some answers and have seen them proven in people’s lives. We have come to understand that the way a person thinks – how they view the world around them, how they process information, events, and circumstances all can have a role in the development of many forms of mental illness. As a result of specific patterns of thought, their body responds by overproducing or under producing particular hormones in their body that cause an imbalance and, therefore, loss of homeostasis – the body’s state of equilibrium or peace. But could there be more? Could there be something else that is influencing their thoughts in the first place?

 The Big Questions Are:

 Why do we get mental illness?

Can mental illness be cured?

What causes mental illness?

What does the Bible say about mental illness?

How can I overcome mental illness?

How can I help others who are struggling with mental illness?

We want to help you answer these questions and find real solutions for your life.

Here’s how Be in Health can help you overcome

At Be in Health, we help people identify and overcome the spiritual root causes of mental illness with amazing results of complete healing and recovery in their spirit, soul, and body.

The medical community has known for years about the mind-body connection (how our thoughts affect our body), but what they don’t understand is the spirit, soul, body connection that is defined in the Word of God. This means we are a spirit, we have a soul (or mind), and we live in a body. What is so often overlooked or misunderstood is the connection between these three major parts of our being.

Through the various classes and resources that we offer, we can help recover you back to the way that God designed you. This isn’t just a journey of physical healing; God wants you to be whole in your entire being; in your spirit, soul, and body. This happens through identifying thought processes and life perspectives – how you view yourself, the world around you, and God. Countless people are healed when their mind and their spirit are renewed, and then their bodies line up and heal as well.

You, too, can overcome mental illness! God’s Word has real solutions for your life, your health, and your sanity. We want to come alongside you on your road to being restored from mental illness.

Pastor Benny Parish and David Levitt discuss mental illness from a scriptural perspective.

Posted by Be in Health™ on Wednesday, December 11, 2019

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