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For My Life®

If you are new to Be in Health, the For My Life Retreat is the place to start!

This is where you begin to learn the Biblical principles that will make you free. For My Life is our world-renowned, one-week retreat designed to equip you to overcome disease and walk out into lasting wholeness in your spirit, soul, and body. These same Biblical principles that will help you overcome disease will also help you prevent disease in your life. We build on a thoroughly Biblical foundation so that you may be firmly rooted and grounded on the truth from God’s Word.

Through For My Life, people have been healed by God of all types of diseases, including autoimmune diseases, heart diseases, diabetes, kidney diseases, pulmonary diseases, depression, cancers, fibromyalgia, all types of allergies and sensitivities,thyroid diseases, gut and digestive issues, infertility,addictions, mental health issues, musculoskeletal disorders, and more!

For My Life has been tested time and again. Tens of thousands of people have been healed by God when they apply the Biblical principles they learned at the For My Life Retreat.

God wants to help you understand why you have disease,

God wants to remove the disease from you,

And God wants to teach you how to continue living in health and wholeness according to His Word.


For My Life is a five-day intensive retreat hosted by Be in Health in Thomaston, Georgia. It includes 24 comprehensive teachings throughout the week featuring topics such as:

  • The Father’s Love
  • Godly Order
  • Fear
  • Envy & Jealousy
  • Rejection
  • Bitterness
  • Separation
  • Addictions
  • Pathways of Thought
  • 8 Rs to Freedom
  • Healing Profiles and Ministry
  • Spiritual Blocks to Healing
  • and More!

Powerful prayer and ministry times are included throughout the week, for healing and restoration.


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The For My Life teachings will lead you through a journey of better understanding God’s love, who He is, and your identity in Him. Building on this foundation, the teachings will help you understand how the enemy may be operating in your life through thoughts, feelings, and emotions in order to produce disease and to cause separation in your relationship with God, yourself, and others. You will learn how to recognize and overcome the iniquity in your life so that you can walk in the wholeness of life that God intended for you.


Over thirty years ago, Dr. Henry W. Wright experienced success when he prayed for people to be healed from disease by God. However, there were more and more people that he prayed for in faith that weren’t getting healed. He began seeking God about why people weren’t being healed and why the laying on of hands, according to Luke 20:19, wasn’t working as it should.

God showed Him that sometimes there is a spiritual root issue in a person’s life that He wants to restore first before He brings the healing. Laying on of hands for prayer still has its place, but when healing doesn’t come, it’s time to seek the Lord to discern where the enemy still has a right to bring a curse of disease in someone’s life.

Through this pursuit, and with God’s guidance, he began a lifelong journey of researching the Spiritual Roots of Disease and the blocks to healing. He discovered that about 80% of all diseases have a spiritual root issue and are a direct result of a breakdown in our relationship with God, ourselves, and others.

He began personally ministering to and teaching a handful of people the Biblical principles and truths that he had discovered. These people found lasting results of healing and recovery from all manner of diseases. But even more importantly, their relationships were also restored!

As the word spread, the number of people coming to him for help increased. Dr. Wright and his wife, Pastor Donna Wright, realized that it would be more effective to develop a week-long intensive retreat to teach and minister to a larger group of people. That is when the For My Life Retreat was birthed.

Over the years, For My Life has developed into a world-renowned resource for the healing and recovery of tens of thousands of people. Dr. Wright served the body of Christ faithfully until his passing in 2019. However, his legacy lives on and the ministry that God helped him to develop continues to grow and thrive. His wife, Pastor Donna, and the Be in Health Team faithfully continue to fulfill his vision and mission to create generations of overcomers.

The For My Life Retreat continues to be a place where people can receive the insights they need to be overcomers and to walk out into wholeness of life: spirit, soul, and body.

For My Life takes you on a journey to understand Biblical reasons for disease in our lives. Discover life-changing answers to these questions and more:

  • Why, as Christians, do we still struggle with disease even though it was taken care of on the cross?
  • Why does prayer and laying on of hands not always work like it should?
  • Is it possible that there is something spiritual that could be blocking your healing?


Nestled in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, the City of Thomaston is an excellent setting for you to get away and unwind. Visitors and residents enjoy the small-town feel and the relaxed, truly down-home, southern community. This vibrant city provides beautiful parks, outdoor activities, and delightful shops. Yet it still boasts the convenience of being within 60 miles of three major Georgia cities: Atlanta, Macon, and Columbus. The scenic Flint River flows only a few miles away and is a popular recreational setting.

The Be in Health facilities, where the For My Life Retreat is hosted, is a vintage school building providing an ideal setting for the various classes and conferences we host.

We also offer our newly upgraded accommodations at our Hope Farms and Campground and at our Hope Inn. This provides a comfortable, safe place for our guests to stay with fellow participants. We want your time with us to truly be an opportunity to unplug, unwind, and receive refreshing and renewed hope for your life.

We look forward to welcoming you here and being able to assist you in your journey as an overcomer.



THE BE IN HEALTH EXPERIENCE – – SPECIAL OFFER of $459 per person for youth 13-17 and adults 18+ when you stay at one of Be in Health’s accommodations (the Hope Inn or the Hope Farms and Campground). See our Accommodations web page for pricing and occupancy details.

The regular price for adult and youth tuition is $699 per person. For those that would prefer to lodge in accommodations other than The Hope Inn or The Hope Farms and Campground while attending the For My Life Retreat, the tuition price is $699 per person.

Many people attend For My Life and the Walk Out Workshop back-to-back weeks. But if you cannot, it’s recommended to come back within 6-12 months to attend the Walk Out Workshop. Those that can attend both the For My Life Retreat and the Walk Out Workshop Retreats in Thomaston back-to-back receive a free night of lodging; a $99 savings!

Financial assistance may be available to those who qualify. Also, Upson, Pike, Lamar, Spalding and Butts County, Georgia residents receive a different tuition rate. Please e-mail Guest Services for more information about this special offer at:

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