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Copyright Permissions

Hope of the Generations Church & Be in Health®

Copyright Permissions Topics


Topic 1:

Will Hope of the Generations Church or Be in Health® endorse my book, teaching, conference, video or audio, etc.?

No, we are not in the practice of endorsing materials we do not create.

We appreciate the enthusiasm of those who come across the teachings of Be in Health, but we do not make a habit of endorsing other people’s work. There are times we have done so in the past, but it was generally not at the request of another party.


Topic 2:

Will you give feedback on my book or teaching materials?

No, we do not give feedback on books or other teaching materials.

Our intention in this matter is not to stifle your desire to write or teach, but we have a specific mission and requirement on our time to teach and minister the Word and, as such, do not have the resources to spend reading over and giving feedback of other people’s materials.


Topic 3:

I am considering writing a book or creating a teaching. May I have permission in advance to quote from one of the Be in Health teachings?

No, we do not give a sort of ‘blanket’ permission to quote from our materials sight unseen.

Additionally, there is a simpler method we suggest. If you are interested in writing a book might we suggest using a citation*. It is a way for you to reference our work in your own words. This is a method we prefer because it prevents our words from being quoted out of context and points back to the original statements we made so people may investigate our books and materials for themselves.

Topic 4

If you are writing a book and you would like to make reference to something that impacted you from any Be in Health materials or offerings, whether it was a book, DVD/CD, You Tube, Conference/For My Life® Retreats….etc., we strongly suggest you use a citation rather than a direct quote. A citation* is making reference to what you personally understood about the information you received and includes precisely where that information can be found. In addition, a citation does not require you to get written permissions from Be in Health.

*Citation example:

Learning and applying the 8 R’s to Freedom has helped me to overcome sin in my life (A More Excellent Way®, 2009, p. 161).

Topic 5

It is our understanding that a quotation requires written permissions and also requires you to provide us with a reason the quotation is requested and/or the material you plan to insert the quote. Please be advised of the low priority placed on quotation use requests. Because of the high demand of people seeking help and healing, our team is not able to devote the necessary time required for these requests.

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