Nick’s Journey of Overcoming MCS/EI

For years, Nick struggled with MCS/EI among many other diseases and diagnoses. Read about Nick’s journey of overcoming MCS/EI and much more!

Years of Illness

This is my story of how I came back to Jesus and how He is healing me of many mental and physical afflictions.

I became chronically ill around the end of 2015 when I got mercury toxicity from eating way too much high-mercury fish. Once I was diagnosed and treated properly, I received some level of relief. From 2016 to 2020, I was treated at various medical and alternative clinics around the country, going up and down, always getting a new diagnosis, a new slew of supplements, medications, and treatments that were sure to lead to a complete healing, but never did. Over the years I was diagnosed with Lyme, parasites, Epstein-Barr virus, mold toxicity, autoimmunity in the brain, MCS/EI, limbic system impairment, anxiety, mast cell activation syndrome and more. For all those years I hovered around 50% recovered, suffering with moderate to severe fatigue, anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, sensitivities to some foods, supplements and fragrances. I was unable to work, but I could at least care for myself and participate in family functions and occasional fun activities.

Then around 2020, things took a bad turn. I kept getting worse with increasing sensitivities with anxiety-type reactions to sensory stimuli like computer screens, reading books, sounds from speakers, EMFs, even people’s voices. I started getting severe chills and body aches every day and the fatigue became increasingly severe to the point of being bedridden nearly all day. Many of the healing modalities I tried and lifestyle choices I made over the years were ungodly and actually led to major setbacks.

Listening to God’s Word

I finally surrendered and rededicated my life to Christ in November 2021 and He immediately showed me some things to work on and within a few months, He led me to Be in Health. My parents were very helpful in trying to relay the teachings to me (since I could not read, use a computer, listen to sounds from speakers, and even talking was very limited). However, I was still resistant to what God was trying to show me.

In 2021, I was in bed nearly all day, barely having the strength to walk to the table to eat and return to bed, and unable to talk or communicate for more than a few seconds. I was in complete misery physically and emotionally. Then things got worse in 2022, and I was unable to tolerate drinking water without a severe reaction. I ended up being on hydration IVs to keep me alive for almost a year. A pastor prayed with me and I was almost instantly healed of the sensitivity to people’s voices, which allowed my parents to start reading God’s Word to me. I began praying regularly with a dear friend and mentor, and I saw some shifts in my mental and emotional well-being. He happened to refer me to A More Excellent Way by Dr. Henry W. Wright. I knew it was the Holy Spirit and I finally relented.

The Healing Began

My parents read Dr. Wright’s book to me and I began to understand the spiritual roots of all of the various mental and physical maladies. I was able to have a few Spiritual Lifeline appointments. It was very difficult at first; each session took me one to two days to recover. We started to see some progress quickly as we worked on the spiritual roots of multiple chemical sensitivity/environmental illness. As soon as we finished praying and repenting over my broken heart, not only was my heart healed but so was my body. I woke up the next day with the chills and body aches at least 50% reduced and significantly more energy. I learned firsthand the power and importance of repentance. Then I began to renew my mind and I took back listening to music. Several weeks later, I finally was able to drink water again! Praise God!

I went with my mom and dad in August of 2023 to the For My Life® Retreat and Walk Out Workshop®. While I was there, I took back so many things! The sensitivity to sunlight was gone, I regained the ability to read and write with significantly less reaction, sensitivity to sounds from speakers was greatly reduced, and the sensitivity to smells was dramatically better. Before the retreat, my sense of smell was so extreme and hypersensitive that just a whiff of fragrance could be debilitating and take me down for one to two days. While at the retreat my sense of smell returned to normal (no more mask!!!) and the reactions became dramatically less.

Walking Out of my Diseases

Since returning home I’ve been able to attend church, read God’s word (almost) every day, listen to praise and worship music, read other books, listen to teachings and podcasts on my phone and computer, talk on the phone, eat more variety of foods, and even eat out at restaurants. Life is so much better! Every day there is something enjoyable I get to look forward to. And for the first time in my life, the thing I look forward to the most is growing closer to God.

One year ago, I was completely debilitated, lying in bed physically unable to do anything; no computer, no phone, no reading, no music, nothing, not even drinking water. And now I am writing this and I am a living testimony that miracles are still happening and God is still healing people. There is no need to wait (like I did) until you are in dire straits to get closer to God. Be in Health can help you right now wherever you are at with your health, with your life, and with your relationship with Jesus. As for me, I will continue on this journey of walkout until I am completely healed through the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Life is so good with Him!


Are you searching for healing from MCS/EI or other illnesses?

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Be in Health is a safe place to learn how to grow up as an overcomer and to discover God’s incredible love, grace, and mercy toward you.


The Be in Health Team


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