God Can Heal Chronic Lyme Disease

There are many diseases that have no known cause and many that have a well-documented cause and even generally effective treatments. But what happens when a person falls in between, where the known treatments don’t work as they should? What happens when a person finds themselves in the category of a chronic condition? Where can they turn when there seem to be no answers? There is one person who knows the answers and has a perfect solution for healing and restoration. Sometimes the path to get there is not what we expect. God created our bodies with the incredible ability to fend off possible invading organisms and the ability to heal. But when they don’t, maybe it’s time to consult the owner’s manual, the Word of God, for answers and real solutions. Read Michon’s inspiring story of how God healed her from chronic Lyme disease.

Michon’s Testimony of Healing from Chronic Lyme Disease

Why am I still sick, God? Why can’t I get well? These were my questions while fighting a losing battle with chronic Lyme disease. Little did I know that God had all the answers, and what I was about to discover would change my life forever.

In 2008, I was bit by a tick while hiking on the Appalachian Trail. A few weeks later, I woke up with lockjaw and severe pain in my knees. I went to the ER and was placed on conventional antibiotic therapy for Lyme disease. I had some relief, but after finishing the antibiotics, my condition grew worse. My joints hurt all the time, and I would wake up in pain during the night while pulling the sheets or rolling over in bed. I had to hold on to rails to walk downstairs because of the arthritic pain that formed in my knees. Concerned, I sought out treatment from multiple lyme disease specialists in Virginia. I began taking more antibiotics, various supplements, and Chelation therapy, but my condition only seemed to worsen.

A desperate search for answers

I suffered from migraine headaches, fatigue, brain fog, night sweats, gastric reflux, and flu-like symptoms. My foods became very limited as I reacted to gluten, tomatoes, potatoes, red meat, and anything acidic. When I experienced no improvement with these specialists, I then sought every kind of alternative treatment I could find. This included chiropractic care, acupuncture, buying an infrared sauna, herbal therapy, and more. I would get better for a while and then would worsen. It was an endless cycle that left me depressed and hopeless even while having many people praying for me over these seven years.

Discovering A More Excellent Way

In 2015, a friend of mine told me about a book she was reading called A More Excellent Way, (by Dr. Henry W. Wright). She told me that Dr. Wright was coming to speak in Fairfax, VA, for a 3-day conference and asked if I wanted to go. Reluctantly, I agreed but didn’t believe it would help me. The first day we arrived, I felt so badly that I had to leave the conference and go lay down in my hotel room. Over the next 2-days, as I attended the conference, my doubtful heart began to open up, and I started to believe that God cared about me and wanted me whole.

I met a man named Arnie during a lunch break who told me his story of his children being healed of severe allergies after going down to the For My Life Retreat in Georgia. It intrigued me. At the end of the conference, I bought the book, A More Excellent Way and began reading it over the summer. After applying a few of the spiritual principles taught by Dr. Wright, I was healed of sciatica and a longstanding milk allergy. These two healings gave me hope that just maybe, I could be healed from Lyme disease, so I decided to attend the For My Life Retreat in September during my 47th birthday.

Understanding the pathway to my disease

While I was there, I learned so many things that I never heard taught before, such as where my thoughts come from and how my thought-life can affect my body. I grew up in a broken home.  As a child, I experienced rejection, abandonment, and verbal abuse. Although I had learned to forgive as an adult, I was still plagued with self-hatred, self-rejection, and self-blame. I had become fearful of what people thought of me and was full of guilt and shame. When I learned that these negative thoughts about myself were not my own but from the enemy, I repented to God and cried out for His forgiveness. That night, I slept pain-free for the first time in 7 years. I still had pain in my knees while walking, but the pain throughout my entire body was gone, and I felt at peace with God and myself.

Applying the principles of Walk Out® to my life

When I came home from Be in Health, I worked diligently to renew my mind and apply the principles that I had been taught. I asked God to help me learn to say kind things to myself and not criticize myself. I read my Bible and learned about His thoughts towards me, and asked the Holy Spirit to help me capture any negative thoughts about myself. After several months of doing this, I was eating breakfast one morning and realized that I had walked down my stairs without holding on to the railing. (I actually trotted). It was so natural and painless that I didn’t even realize it! I went back to the stairs and walked up and down them again and broke into tears praising God, as I knew He healed me. All the pain I suffered in my body was gone, and I knew right away that I wanted to return to my favorite sport of skiing. I did just that and had been skiing ever since!

Continuing the walk in healing and freedom

I have returned to the For My Life Retreat several times and just last month experienced God straightening curvature in my lower back, just because I asked Him for it. I know that I am a daughter of God and the apple of His eye and will never reject myself again. I am accepted and loved just for being me. He truly does “forgive all my iniquities and heal all my disease”! Ps 103:3

God has real solutions for your life too!

At Be in Health®, we take the truth from the Word and teach God’s people how to apply it to their lives. As they line their hearts and minds up with God and His ways, their bodies often heal on their own with no additional prayer. How is this possible? The Word of God says that God honors His Word even above His name.

I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name. Psalm 138:2 KJV

Many times, as believers, we try to stand in faith using the name of Jesus, expecting specific results. Yet things don’t always work out as we imagined. Many believers become disillusioned or frustrated; they may even accuse one another and say that they have no faith. Alternately they may feel condemned, like God is punishing them. What if we sought the source of healing again? What happens when we ask God to show us why we are sick and allow Him to lead us out of it?

Dr. Henry Wright did this over thirty years ago when he realized that praying and laying on of hands wasn’t always working as it should. God gave him a startling revelation that paved the way for him to provide thousands of people with the scriptural insights they needed to not only heal from their disease but to walk victoriously as overcomers in their daily lives through Be in Health.

Dr. Wright always said “God’s will for you isn’t just to heal you. His will is that you never get sick to begin with.” As we are restored to wholeness in our identity and relationship with God and others, our body will begin to function the way it was designed to again.

Be Blessed,

The Be in Health Team

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Michon discovered real solutions for chronic lyme disease at Be in Health. Read her testimony and find hope for healing today!

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