Are There Spiritual Root Causes of MCS/EI?

Michelle was sick for a few years with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Environmental Illness. She could not be around water, electricity, people, and many foods. She sought holistic practitioners and alternative healthcare providers and became even sicker. After repenting of her involvement with a spirit of Fear and Occultism, she received spiritual deliverance, which brought her peace and healing. Here’s her story as she discovered the answer to the question: are there spiritual root causes of MCS/EI?

Panic Attacks and Dizziness

At the end of March 2021, I became very sick. One evening we were at my parents’ house, and I sent my husband home to get my evening supplements because I had forgotten them. While he was gone, I looked at my phone and saw text messages I had sent earlier. It was clearly me talking in the messages, but I had no recollection of sending them. I freaked out and begged my husband to return, but I hung up on him because I said I needed to call 911. As soon as I hung up, I began to feel the most intense panic attack I have ever felt. I yelled to my kids that I was having a panic attack and then completely blacked out. When I finally came to, I was sitting outside sobbing in my parents’ front yard. The tops of my feet and knees were all scraped up and bleeding, and I couldn’t really stand. My kids were out in the yard with me, also sobbing and terrified of what had just happened. I had been banging on people’s doors asking for help, so a neighbor called 911.

The police officers who arrived were sure I was on drugs due to my behavior, and I was taken to the ER in an ambulance, where they looked for signs of a stroke. After tests and scans, I was sent home and diagnosed with a severe panic attack. I had had a few panic attacks previously, but nothing that made me black out. This sent me into a spiral of refusing to leave my house. I pulled my kids out of school and stayed home at all times.

A week later, I started to feel lightheaded when using the microwave. I only felt better when I was away from it. When my husband and boys got home, I told them what was happening and asked them to turn off the TV. Within an hour or two of staying away from electronics, I started to feel better. I had been waking up with a vibrating feeling in my back for the past few months, and this stopped when all of the electronics were off. This is when the nightmare really began because the vibrating feeling would come back whenever lights, ceiling fans, phones, Wi-Fi, TV, etc. were on in the house. I would feel lightheaded, nauseous, shakiness, and pain. I could sense if the dishwasher was running in the other room or if a train or airplane was coming (even before I could see it). I couldn’t sit in my car without feeling sick. I quickly become a prisoner in my bedroom to avoid electronics. My family suffered greatly because of this. Nobody could turn on electronics, and I couldn’t have worship music or sermons playing to help get me through. I was completely isolated in the dark and could not leave my bedroom. Oddly enough, the only place I could tolerate being, aside from my bedroom, was the holistic clinic I visited once a week.

Sickness and Suicidal Thoughts

This was what I describe as hell. My family discussed sending me for a mental evaluation because they thought I had lost my mind. I felt like I was dying, my skin and lips were pale gray, and I had suicidal thoughts. I also could not wear my clothes because our washer had mold, and I began to feel like my clothes were making me sick. I could barely wear anything, or I would start shaking uncontrollably. The faucets began making me sick too. I could no longer bathe or wash my hands in the water without feeling sick. One night, my symptoms were so bad that I felt like my nasal passage and throat were closing up.

Around this time, I remembered hearing multiple people mention Psalm 91, so I decided to look it up. I began to weep as I read it. Psalm 91:5-7 says, “Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday. A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.” This gave me hope. Even though I was sitting in the dark, feeling evil and sickness all around me—God’s Word said right there in black and white that I should not be afraid and it would not come near me. I also felt like I needed to start praying in the Spirit over my thoughts. A few minutes into praying, I began to feel the darkness lifting. Amazingly, between praying out Psalm 91 and praying in the Spirit, I began to defeat those thoughts altogether! No longer was the evening darkness dreaded; it became the time of the day that I felt the closest to God. It was a time of quietness in His presence, without interruption, because no one wanted to be in my room in the dark.

The Beginning of Hope

A dear woman from our church called and told me she was sending home a book with my husband that she had ordered for me. She knew everything I had been dealing with and assured me that there were people in this book whose symptoms and lives sounded just like mine. The book was called A More Excellent Way by Dr. Henry W. Wright. It was a book exposing the connection between spiritual roots and disease and sickness. To my amazement, the people did sound just like me. I realized I could have a disease called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity/Environmental Illness. It was a disease that the world thought was incurable and would only continue to get worse and make people sicker and sicker. There was no hope offered, and eventually, people became allergic to everything around them, including food and people. That’s exactly what was happening to me; I had become allergic to electricity and water. This disease was very scary to learn about, but I was relieved to have a diagnosis. The author and his ministry, Be in Health®, were world-renowned for helping people heal from this disease. It gave me hope to read all of the testimonies of the people who were healed.

AMEW was filled with Scripture and unbelievable, life-changing knowledge. As I read the book, God began to do a work in me! One night I read something in the book that really upset me. I was so angry that I slammed the book shut and actually threw it on my bed. It challenged what I believed God was doing in me and through me. I began to yell out loud at God and ask Him what He wanted from me. I felt the Holy Spirit clearly tell me that I had fear. I was really upset and I yelled out loud again in a very snarky voice, “So, what? I have fear.” The Holy Spirit, being such a gentleman, said, “Fear is a sin.” The heaviness of that revelation was palpable! I had been consumed by fear for most of my life—and panic, anxiety, and stress. I was so fearful that at one point, I called our landlord and told him we had to move to the country or I was going to die. I feared losing control of the situation. I feared death. I feared the unknown. I feared never recovering from an incurable illness. I repented, and God gave me His peace and began to teach me what His Word and truth said. At that moment, I knew I could go to Him with any need. He was delivering me out of so much torment; why would He stop now? I even stopped biting my fingernails after never being able to stop for at least 35 years.

Deliverance From Occultism

I contacted Be in Health when I finished reading the book, and we decided that I needed to go to a week-long retreat, called For My Life®, that they held in Georgia. After God provided the finances, my husband and I registered our family and prayed that God would continue to make a way for complete healing. I didn’t know how I would tolerate the 7+ hour car ride and living somewhere else for a week, but by the glory of God, we made it! I had an EMF-reflecting scarf to wear over my head in the car so I wouldn’t get sick. I wore the scarf non-stop for a few days because our room had an air conditioner. I also had to keep it on during our classes at the retreat since there was electricity all around me. I was amazed that God helped me sit in our classes for 7+ hours with minimal symptoms.

At the end of our classes on Tuesday, we received our disease profiles. I looked at mine and was very confused. Under EMF Sensitivity (electric and magnetic field), Occultism and Fear were listed as the possible spiritual roots. I wondered if someone had to have both of them because I believed I was NOT into Occultism. I had actually been fighting against that in my family for years. My husband and I returned to our room at the end of the day and ended up arguing over my holistic clinic. By that time, we were spending almost $1000 a month there and quickly going into debt. We had talked about a “bridge” that day in class, and I told my husband that I was 100% positive that God gave me that clinic for my bridge. (A “bridge” is something that would help me until God would heal me). My husband was convinced that there was something wrong with the clinic, and all he had witnessed over 15 months was me becoming sicker and sicker. But I was convinced I had to get sicker to heal, so it made sense to me. After we laid the argument to rest, I started to do my homework for class the next day. Something told me to look at the Occultism list in the back of my workbook. I started to go through the list, and there under divination, plain as day, was MUSCLE TESTING FOR NUTRITION, HERBS, AND SUPPLEMENTS! I had been involved with this for 15 months at the holistic clinic. I was DEVASTATED! Devastated! I couldn’t believe I was involved in the same stuff (divination) I had been yelling at my family about.

I hit my knees right then and there and asked God for forgiveness. I asked my husband for forgiveness. I asked my parents for forgiveness because they, too, knew something was wrong with the clinic. I asked my kids for forgiveness. I had been having my kids tested regularly, and they were becoming sicker and sicker. I had taken off my EMF scarf when we got back to the room because I wanted to try and take a break from it, and the revelation that God gave me was so significant that my scarf never went back on for the entire retreat. God set me free from the EMF Sensitivity that day!

Deliverance From Fear

A few days later, I learned that fear, anxiety, and stress are actually evil spirits. Second Timothy 1:7 says, “For God hath not given us a spirit of fear.” When I started to read A More Excellent Way, I realized I had been completely consumed by fear for most of my life. I also realized that fear was a sin I had been overtaken by. Everyone at the Retreat received deliverance. During the second session, I had evil spirits manifesting panic in me. I was told that I had to come out of agreement with them and command them to leave in Jesus’ name. I was in a total panic after they whispered into my thoughts that I was going to pass out and die. However, after fighting them for around 35-40 minutes, I felt them leave and finally felt peace.

My healing began to come very quickly when I learned that every symptom I had been dealing with was a lie from Satan’s kingdom. We went to restaurants, I returned to church, I had access to my entire house again, and I visited the houses of loved ones. Every day felt like I was living a new day. I thought my life was over, but now it felt like it had just begun. My ability to take back my life and be healed by God has ONLY resulted from a lot of repentance and deep spiritual work with the Lord! I have had a lot of trauma, curses, disease, and sickness in my past, but none of that has any power over my Heavenly Father! It hasn’t been easy because the work of the Lord sometimes takes time. I have since had a lot more deliverance and have broken off generational curses that plagued my bloodline. I still have symptoms that try to come back, but I now know they are lies. Sometimes they are bad enough that I have to cast them down in Jesus’ name, and other times I just have to tell those familiar spirits out loud that they no longer have access to me and I am God’s child. I speak Scripture to them, and they have to submit to the Word of God and leave me alone! I have continued to learn about Occultism, and we have purged everything evil from our lives and our home. I was worried about the 22 supplements I was on when I left Georgia, most of which were taken three times a day. But God helped me with that process too, by showing me I shouldn’t make them my source of healing. I was off all those supplements within 3-4 weeks with no issues during or after.

Captivity Without Knowledge

During my 15 months at the holistic clinic, I was diagnosed with multiple kinds of parasites, pesticide poisoning, mold toxicity, Lyme disease, severe adrenal fatigue, radiation poisoning, radon poisoning, severe underactive thyroid, and intolerance to different foods. Those were all lies, and I am healthy and free of all of those today. I was involved in muscle testing, magnet therapy, and had crystals and Chakra stones, but all of those were lies too. Father God is the only true healer!!

Isaiah 5:13 says, “Therefore my people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge.”

I was a captive, but God loved me so much that He gave me the knowledge I needed to be released from Satan’s snare. And now He is using me to set others free and to lay hands on people for healing. I have also been healed of Osteoradionecrosis of my jaw too. Praise be to the Lord God, Almighty!

– Michelle M.

Are there spiritual root causes of MCS/EI? Absolutely! We have seen many people completely healed from this disease when they have addressed the spiritual roots with their Heavenly Father. God did not intend for us to live our lives avoiding foods, our environment, and even people. He wants us to enjoy the wonderful things that He has created.

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