How to Walk in Freedom from Sin

There’s a difference between knowing about God and knowing God. There are many people in the church who are well versed in the stories of the Bible. They know that Jesus died for their sins yet they are still walking in bondage to sin and don’t know what freedom from sin really means. Perhaps part of the reason is that they do not fully understand the character of God and His love nor do they know how to defeat the works of sin in their lives through God’s grace- which is His divine influence on our hearts.

This kind of misunderstanding can dramatically affect a person’s ability to relate to God and have an intimate relationship with God the Father, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord Jesus Christ. Sadly this breach in relationship can also have a negative impact on a believer’s ability to walk in freedom from sin although it’s already been paid for at the cross. When they fall into sin fear, guilt, and shame may draw them yet further from God rather than allowing them to run to Him to repent and be cleansed from their sins.

What freedom from sin means

Freedom from sin isn’t just about not sinning or acting in a Godly way. Neither is it about trying to be good or overcoming in our own strength or self-righteousness. It represents freedom from mental illness, disease, emotional torment, bondage to addictions, gender confusion, and so much more as a work of God to purify and cleanse our hearts from within.

Here is a testimony of one person whose life was forever changed by God’s grace. Jazz learned how to walk in freedom from sin and was completely healed and delivered from the powers of darkness in her life including mental illness, addictions, and lesbianism. This is her story of healing in God through For My Life Online.

Jazz’s Journey to True Freedom in Christ

I was in the church at an early age. My grandfather was a minister, and my Godmother was a very God-fearing woman. She was there when I ‘came out,’ and she’s been praying for me ever since. I was saved and baptized, but I didn’t really understand what that meant as a child. I didn’t have a father figure in my life except for my grandfather, and my mom raised me on her own.

My old nature led me deeper and deeper into sin

At a young age, I began to struggle with mental illness. I was displaying symptoms of ADHD, I was misdiagnosed with bipolar for six years until a brain scan proved otherwise, and I also struggled with PTSD, major depressive disorder, and severe anxiety and was on prescription Xanax. My mental illness portfolio was very thick, and I came into agreement with all of those diagnoses and believed that was what I was and how my life was going to be.

As a result, I turned to promiscuity, drugs, sex, and lesbianism. From there, my life got really dark. I didn’t want to live for a while, but I had enough fear of God to prevent me from taking my life. I took four or five medications a day to wake up, sleep, and block out anxiety and panic attacks. It was overwhelming. Now I know that everything I was dealing with was spiritually rooted, but the only thing I knew how to do was to push medications. I tried so many things, but they didn’t help, and I got tired of being a lab rat.

God’s work to set me free from sin begins

I came to a point where I was fired from my job, and some really dark things were tormenting me in my head. I was beaten down and in a prison cell in my head. I was tired. I knew there had to be something more. I knew God, but I didn’t know His truth. The God I knew was man-made and for man’s own intentions.

But God’s timing is perfect; He knew what I was going through. He inspired my Godmother to connect me with For My Life online, and she was obedient. She gave me the username and password and told me that I needed these lessons. And because I was off of work for two months, I had the time to sit down and do the lessons.

I was set free from my old sin nature

I’m so amazed at how He met me through those classes. He set me free from everything. All I did was surrender to Him and said, “Hey, I need you!” and He did the rest. It’s really that simple. The For My Life course did that for me. It was simple and not so religious. It took the religion out of God and gave me who God really is and His character, and I’m grateful for that.

I’ve felt like He was so far from me many times in my life. But now that I’m looking back over everything I’ve been through, I realize how He’s saved me. I should have been dead at least five times already. But He saved me. It wasn’t me saving myself, I wanted to die, but it was Him all along. So now I feel like I’m willfully indebted to Him.

God’s grace and forgiveness delivered me from sin’s power

God has unsealed everything that was sealed by the doctors. I’m free from all of my mental illness and addictions: cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol. Sometimes I forget I even had those things. But the most powerful thing to me was being delivered from lesbianism. I thought that mental illness, and addictions would be the most significant freedom. But my whole life, I’ve been mistaken; I came into agreement with this identity that is not even who I am. It was not who God created me to be. And it’s so amazing to be able to say that I’ve been delivered from all of those perverted feelings.

In the For My Life course, I learned about Godly order and the importance of the man’s role in the family. The man is supposed to lead and represent Father God and His love in the home. But I grew up with a single mother, and that’s where the confusion came in. I love my mom, and she did a very good job of keeping everything together and providing for all my needs, and I’m so grateful to her. But that’s not how God designed the family to work. I know that it didn’t start from my mom or me. Iniquity joined me in that, and through what I learned in the For My Life course, God was able to unravel all of that and deliver me and heal me.

In For My Life Online, I learned that I was not sin

The Pathways of Thought teaching was very powerful for me too. In mental illness, you’re working against yourself, against Satan’s kingdom, and the medications. It’s exhausting. I began to understand how the enemy can give me thoughts as if they were my own through Beta brainwaves. I thought I was hearing voices like schizophrenia or something, but it was just the enemy. That was motivating because it meant that I could get it out; it wasn’t me! I could discern it and remove it in Jesus’ name!

I found my purpose in my Lord Jesus Christ and by the leading of the Holy Spirit

Now I’m working in my dream job again. I took a year off, and now I’m back, and it feels so great. It’s no longer about me working there as a career; it’s about me being Spirit-led to bless my coworkers. The Holy Spirit guides me all day and inspires me to talk to this person, uplift them, or just give them a smile. He’s shown me that I don’t have to see the harvest; I just need to plant the seed for Him. And I believe that is what I am supposed to do. God meets me here, today, in the moment, and that’s what I live by now; not fear. My life is so full of joy. I can honestly say, “Thank you, Father, for the pain and for everything I went through.” Because now, I can share it with boldness to help others through the Holy Spirit.

I am a new creation and I have a new identity in Christ.

If it weren’t for the For My Life course and everything that I’ve learned, I would still be lost. I would still be in religion, and I’d still be in my diseases and addictions. I’m so grateful. I want to say to anyone who is struggling and looking for hope and considering doing For My Life, Don’t hesitate. What are you scared of? Do you want to go back to the pit? Or do you want to fight to get out with the help of the only One who can get you out?

There’s hope. And if you are presented with life, it’s because God chose you to receive the truth. Don’t give up. As dark as it may seem, as good as the darkness may feel, the light feels so much better! When it feels hard to breathe, breathe anyways, God has a plan for you too.

Jazz, GA

Overcomers’ Community Member


Do you want to find healing and freedom from sin and disease?

God wants to deliver you from darkness and mental torment too, and He has a plan for your recovery and complete healing. Over more than 30 years of medical research, Biblical study, and individual case studies, Dr. Henry W. Wright concluded that over 80% of mental and physical diseases are rooted in separation in relationship on one or more of these three levels: from God, from ourselves and our identity, and from others.

With the Biblical and medical understanding he had about the possible spiritual roots of disease, Dr. Wright established the For My Life® Retreat. This is an intensive healing retreat where attendees have the opportunity to be restored to wholeness in God for their spirit, soul, and bodies through the Biblical foundation of truth that they learn to apply to their lives.

God wants to offer you true freedom from sin

Attendees learn how to interact with God and to appropriate God’s grace on a whole new level. They also learn how to discern and remove the evil spirits from the enemy’s kingdom such as fear, rejection, bitterness, envy, and jealousy that may be holding them in bondage to sin. This is only possible through the power of repentance, receiving forgiveness from God, accepting the cleansing of Jesus’ blood, and the power of the Holy Spirit working through us to help us defeat the works of the enemy in our lives.

Over the years, the For My Life Retreat has continually been refined and expanded to be the comprehensive course that it is today. In addition, Be in Health® has developed the For My Life Online course so that people who are unable to attend in person can still receive the life-changing insights and ministry.

When we obey God we can walk into wholeness

Be in Health has over 30 years of experience leading God’s people back to God’s best for their lives. Tens of thousands of people have come to our For My Life Retreats with mental and physical health issues, spiritual strongholds in their lives, and relationship breakdowns. They left with new hope, healing, and peace in God through Jesus Christ.

We invite you to join us for the For My Life Retreat. It’s available in person at the Be in Health/ Hope of the Generations Church campus in Thomaston, Georgia. Or, if you are unable to travel at this time, we also have an online version of the For My Life Course. We want everyone who is seeking healing, restoration, and freedom in Christ to have the opportunity to participate so scholarships are available for those seeking financial assistance.

Be in Health is a safe place for you to learn how to grow up as an overcomer and to discover God’s incredible love, grace, and mercy towards you.


The Be in Health Team

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God set Jazz free and healed her from mental illness, depression, anxiety, addictions and more. Find real solutions for your life and freedom from sin too.   Find hope for healing and freedom from sin and mental illness, addictions, depression, anxiety and more in Jazz's inspiring testimony.

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