Marriage Restored and Diseases Healed By God

Marriage restored and diseases healed by God as a result of these Biblical principles that Julie and her husband learned and applied to their lives at Be in Health®.

At Be in Health, we teach you how to walk in wholeness in every area of your life, from a Biblical perspective. Wholeness isn’t just about your health; it also includes your emotional and spiritual well-being and restoration in your relationship with God, yourself, and others. When Julie came to Be in Health, she learned real Biblical solutions to restore her marriage and her health. As God restored her to His love, she experience healing for her body, and her marriage restored as well! Read Julie’s story and be encouraged. God is not a respecter of persons; what He’s done for her and for thousands of others, He will gladly do for you as well, through Be in Health!

 Julie’s testimony:

My life before Be in Health was a hot mess! I was being destroyed; I had a broken body, broken heart, broken marriage, and broken family.

I struggled since I was a child with scoliosis, depression, and thoughts of suicide. My problems only got worse into adulthood. I developed fibromyalgia, mercury poisoning, skin cancer, and allergies. Then about two years ago, I was in a traumatic accident that resulted in a nervous breakdown. I developed severe neuropathy in addition to several injuries. In that accident, I broke my back, had eight bulging discs and two herniated discs, tore tendons in both my shoulders, damaged all of the cartilage in my jaw, and damaged my pelvis. I had multiple surgeries to try to repair the damage only to be told that I may never heal because my brain was not talking to my body due to the nervous breakdown. I was also diagnosed with osteopenia, which prevented the crack in my spine from healing.

I developed PTSD from the trauma and severe insomnia. I tried all sorts of medication, and nothing could help me. I was awake all night many times with severe anxiety and pain due to my neuropathy and injuries. In addition, my marriage of 31 years was struggling badly.

Julie desperately searched for answers to restore her marriage

Despite all of my personal struggles, I found Be in Health as I was looking for help for my husband. He had been severely ill over the previous two and a half years. His illness started with two bouts of pneumonia and one bout of bronchitis that put him in the hospital in critical condition. Out of that, he developed unexplained symptoms of a stroke. His conditions affected him tremendously and took a huge toll on our marriage.

We saw 30 doctors in the US, including seven top neurologists, but no one could diagnose his symptoms or treat them! Then, I took him to a medical facility in Mexico. While there, a lady of faith wanted to pray for my husband. She cast evil spirits out of him, and he was miraculously healed. He was perfect for four months, but the previous issues began to trickle back in. This happened more than once.

A friend told me about Be in Health and said that they did deliverance and taught about how to overcome the enemy and had Biblical solutions for how to keep the enemy out.

First steps towards healing and restoration

So I called Be in Health! I could not travel due to my injuries at the time, so they recommended that I do the online For My Life® Course. Honestly, I bought it for my husband, and I did the course with him. It took us two months to complete it. Halfway through the course, during the occultism teaching, I started to get it! I recognized a lot of iniquities in my life and began repenting for them and casting them out.

One morning, God got me up early and said, “Get your journal and a pen; we have some work to do.” In that time, he showed me many generational iniquities and even more of my own sins. I was amazed at what he revealed to me. I did more repenting and my scoliosis was healed!

Skin Cancer healed!

We completed the For My Life Online Course in the first week of January 2020. After I’d worked through removing bitterness that I’d held towards my mother and father, hatred towards myself, and repented for not trusting God through the more painful times of my life, the skin cancer, which included over 100 spots and sores on my arms and hands began to heal!

One week later, my husband, mom, and I went to the San Diego, Be in Health Conference, we all learned a lot! However, there was still a long way to go in healing our marriage. Our ongoing marriage struggles were causing a huge toll on our whole family as well as my health. I struggled with heart palpitations, and my neuropathy was getting worse. However, I still had hope that God could restore our marriage even if it wasn’t fixed right away.

God worked miraculously on Julie’s behalf

God kept on calling me out. I knew that I had to get to Georgia. At that time, I didn’t really understand why I’d received the healings, I didn’t know who I was, and I didn’t fully understand how much God loved me, or how Satan’s kingdom could operate in my life. I had, however, witnessed a family member worshipping Satan when I was a child, and I’d also seen his working in my life and the destruction in the lives of my family members and in our marriage, so I knew his kingdom was real.

I began to pray and to ask God to get me to Thomaston, Georgia, where Be in Health’s ministry is located. Within ten days, I was on a plane to Georgia to attend the For My Life Retreat! That was February 2020.

At the end of my first week there, I got baptized, and the osteopenia and my cracked spine were miraculously healed! I had been unable to jog or run for over two years, and the doctor told me I’d probably never be able to run or ride my horse again. But after my baptism, I was able to jog around the campground with no pain! I can also ride my horse again with no problems! In addition, the fibromyalgia and mercury poisoning symptoms began to heal, and my allergies were gone! I did NOT go to Be in Health to receive more healing, that was just a tremendous bonus and blessing from God!

They still wanted their marriage restored

After returning home, my husband saw changes in me. He wanted our marriage restored, but he was getting sicker, and his symptoms were starting to come back. He knew he had to do something! So we began to pray together that God would open the doors to get him to Georgia. Within one week, we went back to Georgia and took the For My Life Retreat together! This was a big deal for both of us. God met us mightily in Georgia and began to heal our marriage. God also completely healed my PTSD, and the fibromyalgia, and mercury poisoning.

When we returned, I moved back home immediately! Our marriage has been restored! God is on the move restoring our whole family now, too!

God met Julie and her husband in ways far beyond their expectations

God met me and healed my broken heart and my body. He also healed my husband, my marriage, and my family! He healed most of my diseases without me asking Him. No one prayed for these healings! We have continued to pray for continued healing in other areas. God is on the move, healing those areas, too.

God took me farther than I even asked. He moved mountains and parted waters when there seemed to be no way. He took what the enemy intended for evil and turned it for good! I am so grateful for Pastor Henry Wright and his teachings through the Be in Health Team. In my 29 years of being a Christian, all along, I was missing who God is as my Father, how much He loves me, who Jesus is as the Word, and who the Holy Spirit is as my helper and comforter.

I also learned who I am as a daughter of God, who Satan and his kingdom are, about the power of true repentance, and how God does want to heal all of our illnesses and diseases! In the past, missing this knowledge was destroying my life and my husband’s life. Our new knowledge through God has healed my husband and I, and He has restored our marriage. We are forever changed! Now we are passionate about helping others too!

Thank you, Be in Health! You shared the truth, and that truth has made us free!

Julie W.B., CA

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32 KJV

God’s will for marriage restoration and healing

As you can see from Julie’s testimony, often times, restoration is dependent on repentance. Because of the Biblical insights that Julie and her husband learned at Be in Health, they were able to recognize areas in their lives that did not line up with God’s ways.

Things like fear, bitterness, anger, and feelings of rejection can separate us from the love of God and keep us from being able to give and receive love the way that God intended us to. When we recognize these in areas of our lives, we can repent and to come out of agreement with them and to receive God’s forgiveness. As a result, we can experience healing and restoration.

How to fix a broken marriage God’s way

As Julie’s and her husband’s spirit lined up with God’s ways, He restored their marriage, and their diseases were also healed.

We see this same pattern repeatedly. As we teach people how to recover themselves to God’s ways and His love, they receive healing in every area of their lives. People’s bodies, spirits, and relationships including marriages are restored to the way that God designed them without the enemy’s devices getting in the way.

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Julie shares her testimony about how God restored her marriage and healed her diseases when she learned and applied these Biblical keys to freedom at Be in Health.  Julie and her husband thought they had a healthy marriage but when their health began to deteriorate, their relationship began to fall apart too. They discovered the reason why at Be in Health and learned how to restore their marriage and to walk in health once again.

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