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Be in Health®

This ministry does not seek to be in conflict with any medical or psychiatric practices nor do we seek to be in conflict with any church and its religious doctrines, beliefs or practices. We believe many human problems are fundamentally spiritual with associated physiological and psychological manifestations.

This information is intended for your general knowledge only. Information is presented only to give insight into disease, its problems, and its possible solutions in the area of disease eradication and/or prevention. It is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions or disorders.

You should seek prompt medical care for any specific health issues. Treatment modalities around your specific health issues are between you and your physician.

As pastors, ministers, and individuals of this ministry, we are not responsible for a person’s disease, nor are we responsible for their healing. We only share the knowledge we have gained through observation and research. We are not professionals, nor are we healers; we are pastors and ministers that administer the Word of God and what it says about healing. In addition to that, we also share information that the medical and scientific communities have observed and researched that coincides with what God has already said in His Word. There are no guarantees that any person will be healed or any disease be prevented. The fruits of this teaching will come forth out of a relationship between the person and God based on these insights given and applied.

This ministry is patterned after the following scriptures: 2 Cor. 5:18-20; 1 Cor. 12; Ephesians 4; Mark 16:15-20.