Healing From Your Past – Your Past Does Not Define Your Future

How God called Tenickia out of brokenness and trauma and gave her a fresh start through Be in Health

 God has a far greater plan than what we may discern in this moment. He is the God of second chances, of forgiveness, love, healing, and recovery. When we choose to allow Him to forgive us, to help us to forgive others, and to forgive ourselves for anything that happened in the past, we can break free into the hope for a different future. When we submit ourselves to God and His plans, He sets our feet on a new path that has a destination of great reward.

Be in Health® is a safe place for people to come where God can meet them where they are now, bring healing to their brokenness – whether that be of heart or body – and give them new purpose and hope for a brighter future in Him.

Tenickia answered God’s calling on her life.

Tenickia’s testimony is a wonderful example of God’s love and faithfulness to heal, deliver, and lead in His ways. The brokenness that she experienced from her past was what God used to draw her to Himself. Tenickia’s life reflects the goodness of God and His faithfulness, and she is passionate about sharing that with others and leading others to the love of God.

Through her partnerships with Hope of the Generations Church and ACTS GlobalTM (Association of Churches Teaching and Serving), Tenickia has been equipped and ordained to serve the body of Christ as a Pastor of a local branch of Hope of the Generations Church in Alexandria, VA.

Tenickia’s Testimony

Tenickia’s health began to suffer due to the stress that resulted from multiple traumatic life events, including leaving an abusive marriage and enduring homelessness for a season. In addition to her longstanding battle with lupus, she developed multiple allergies and food sensitivities.

In an effort to manage her symptoms, Tenickia became dependent on vitamins and supplements. Some days were so excruciating that she could barely eat one meal or drink any water.

When Tenickia started attending a local domestic violence support group, she was noticeably underweight, and her hair was falling out due to prolonged stress. The co-founder of the group noted that although she was strong, her self-esteem was very low. And it seemed as if she was running from herself. Yet, despite her personal challenges, Tenickia immediately began to encourage others by sharing her story.

Finding the Keys that led to freedom and healing from her past

It was at that support group that Tenickia first learned about Be in Health from a mentor. When she read some of the content on the Be in Health website, she recognized that her thoughts towards herself were not kind.  She blamed herself for everything that happened in her past. As a result of recognizing and repenting for that self-hatred, she was healed of discoid lupus.

God also delivered Tenickia from the depression, allergies, and food sensitivities following her participation in the City of Refuge – For My Life® Retreat at Be in Health in 2012. She recognized that the root cause of many of her diseases was fear. Her healing came when she chose to line her thoughts up with God’s Word and His ways.

Forgiveness set Tenickia free from the bondage of her past.

God led Tenickia on a journey to not only find physical healing but emotional healing as well. Tenickia noted that an essential step for recovery after a trauma like domestic violence is learning how to forgive. She realized that in addition to allowing God to help her forgive her perpetrator, it was even more important to forgive herself. When Tenickia forgave herself and her perpetrator, she began to flourish.

Tenickia’s ACTS Bio

Although Tenickia had previously been a licensed minister before starting an ACTS church, she was ordained as an ACTS elder in June 2019. Now, Tenickia continues to spread the gospel and help people thrive in Christ as the pastor of Hope of the Generations Church in Alexandria, VA, and as the founder of the Community of Thrivers, the ministry arm of the church.

Tenickia recently completed the requirements to earn her Masters of Arts degree in educational technology, and she works as a title 1 interventionist teacher at a local elementary school. She enjoys writing educational books and curricula, producing videos, writing songs, and organizing events (well…she enjoys the fruit of the events) through her small business, Marketplace 4 Change (including her math program, Math SEAL/ M4C Academy).


Can we join you on your journey to healing from your past?

Past traumas and current circumstances do not have to define your future. God wants to meet you in those broken places and bring healing to your heart and body.

ACTS Global is dedicated to establishing safe places of fellowship all over the world. Through these local church gatherings, God’s people can walk out into freedom together and move forward into hope for the future. God wants to bring healing to the nations, and His healthy and thriving body is an invaluable tool that He can use to do just that.

Do you feel like God is calling on you?

If you are looking for a local fellowship, and want to find where you fit in the body of Christ, check out ACTSglobal.com and see if there is a local ACTS fellowship in your area. We encourage you to connect with the pastors; they will be more than happy to be of service to you.

Has your life has been changed by what you’ve learned through Be in Health? Has God put a desire in your heart to serve in your local community as a Pastor? Please reach out to us through the ACTS Global website. We would love to connect with you and assist you in realizing your calling!


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Tenickia discovered that forgiving her perpetrator and herself was an essential step for healing from abuse. This amazing thing happened when she stopped blaming herself and learned how to be an overcome at Be in Health.   God called Tenickia out of brokenness and trauma and gave her a fresh start through Be in Health. Find out how you can be healed from trauma and find hope for your future too!

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