Healed from Depression, Bipolar, and MPD

Vicki Overcame Depression

Vicki was told that she would struggle for life…

Vicki was completely healed from major depression, bipolar, and multiple personality disorder at Be in Health®. When she was first diagnosed, the doctor told her that her life would be like a revolving door, in and out of psychiatric hospitals. There seemed to be no hope that she could ever be recovered. Until she got her hands on Dr. Henry W. Wright’s book, A More Excellent Way.

As a result of reading his book, she decided to come to Dr. Wright’s ministry, Be in Health®, in Thomaston, Georgia to attend the For My Life® Retreat.

She was forever changed.

At the For For My Life® Retreat, Vicki received the keys she needed to overcome all of the issues that had been tormenting her. She was set completely free! No more doctors, no more hospitals, and no more meds.

She found healing in her marriage.

Vicki returned three more times within that year and brought her husband with her one of those times. Through the biblical insights that they both learned in the For My Life® Retreat, they experienced the additional benefits of healing in their relationship.

What an awesome God we serve!

This is just one of the thousands of testimonies of lives and families that were changed permanently because of the truth and ministry that they received at Be in Health®.

We aim to offer a safe environment for retreat attendees to receive the truth that they need from God’s Word in order to be recovered and restored in their spirit, soul, and body. When a person receives the healing that they need for their heart and they learn how to walk in God’s ways, they will not only see physical healing and deliverance in their own lives, but they will experience the good fruit of restoration in relationship with God, themselves and others as well.

Disease isn’t just a random event.

Diseases and disorders like depression don’t just come on us randomly. In fact, they are contrary to God’s plan for our lives. At the For My Life® Retreat, we present answers and knowledge from the Word of God that you can learn and apply to your own life so that you too can be made whole!

There is hope for you!

No matter what you are dealing with, there is an answer, and God has a solution for your life!


The Be in Health Team


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