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October 20-25, 2019

At our annual Be in Health® Married Couples Retreat, Dr. Henry and Pastor Donna Wright pour out their hearts to the couples that are attending with knowledge and compassion obtained from the Word and their own journey of becoming one flesh.  They know marriage is not the easiest journey, but the rewards beyond what we can imagine when done God’s way.  And they hold NOTHING back because of their honesty and transparency.

Prior For My Life® completion required: The Married Couples Retreat builds on principles that we teach in our For My Life® class. Since we need all Married Couples’ Retreat participants to be familiar with these principles, both spouses must have attended For My Life® to be eligible for Married Couples Retreat. Please visit our For My Life® page for information and to register for a For My Life® program.

(You may take the For My Life® Online course as well for this purpose. Note that if you take the For My Life® Online course for credit towards attendance at the Married Couples Retreat, please pace your progress to have it completed by the time the Married Couples Retreat begins, even though that may be less than 12 weeks.)

The Married Couples Retreat tuition is discounted to $918 per couple when you stay at a Be in Health® Accommodation. Accommodation fees are in addition to the tuition and may be viewed on this web page: . Full tuition price is $1,398 per couple if you do not lodge with us. Tuition includes the Thursday date night dinner and dancing.