Growing in God and Receiving Deeper Levels of Healing

The For My Life® Retreat has given tens of thousands of people real solutions to overcome spiritual and physical challenges. Many receive healing for their spirit, soul, and body as they are restored to wholeness in their relationship with God, themselves, and others. Yet, attending the For My Life Retreat does not have to be just a one-time experience. In fact, many people report receiving deeper levels of understanding and healing each time they participate in the For My Life Retreat. Being an overcomer is not just a once and done event, it’s an incredible opportunity to continue growing in God. At Be in Health®, we are dedicated to coming alongside you and supporting you in that journey.

Sandra shared a beautiful testimony of her journey of growing in God, healing, and restoration:

I attended the For My Life Retreat for the first time about ten years ago. I had chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivity. I was allergic to my environment and most foods, and I was so tired all the time. I had to stop my practice as a clinical psychologist because I could hardly function anymore.

When I came to Be in Health, it was amazing because I received so much incredible knowledge in the Biblical teachings. I was healed completely in three days. During the healing profiles teaching, I felt like my whole body went back into equilibrium. I had no more multiple chemical sensitivities, and the chronic fatigue syndrome was gone. When I went home, I reopened my practice which had been closed for nearly five years. My income tripled, and I always had a full schedule.

She received the Word with joy and for a season walked in it.

In the beginning, I came back to bring other people to the For My Life Retreat because I was so excited about it. But then, over time, I didn’t really continue practicing what I’d learned. I finally realized that something was happening, and I needed to come back and get a refresher.

These are insights that you really need to hear over and over again and apply them. It’s like anything else; over time, things fade, and then other things take their place. I knew that if I came back to Be in Health, God would meet me in the same way He had before. It’s a big trip to Georgia from Hawaii, but I was convinced I needed to come back again.

God brought healing and refreshment

I am really grateful that I did come back because the knowledge went in on another level. It went in deep this time. During that same healing profiles teaching, I recalled what God had led me through last time, and I recognized why some of the root issues had come back.

It was not an easy thing to deal with but I really trust that this was the key to my freedom. It was a gift, and God met me to show me the deepest level of where I’ve been stuck. I am so grateful. I know, as a psychologist, that it could take years to uncover that depth of an issue.

Growing in God and applying the Biblical tools for freedom

You’ve got to know that what you’re dealing with is not you; you have to know who your real enemy is. The teaching on separation is extremely important. This time, I was finally able to receive the Father’s love. They say at Be in Health that is very important, and I think the root of unloving that I dealt with kept me from that relationship with Him.

This program is multifaceted; it gives you to tools to overcome. There’s a set of tools; it’s not just one thing. I think for every person, the tools that they come away with will be a little different. Everyone hears what they are ready to hear. But I will say that understanding separation and the love of God is crucial.

When I first came to Be in Health, I didn’t think that I could make it through eight hours of teaching a day with chronic fatigue. It seemed impossible, but it’s not. I really believe that God meets you when you come here and honors your step of faith. -Sandra C.

Continue growing in God at a deeper level at the For My Life Retreat

Perhaps you’ve been to the For My Life Retreat before, but life took off, and you feel like you’re sitting in the dust again. Or perhaps you encountered struggles and got discouraged. God’s got you! Maybe you need to take a week out to join us and be washed in the water of the Word again. God may have an even deeper level that He is preparing to draw you into by His Spirit and His love, as He did for Sandra.

Or perhaps you’ve never attended a For My Life Retreat before, and you are in need of healing and wholeness for your spirit, soul, and body. This week-long retreat offers the foundational insights that will help you understand the spiritual battle you are facing, the keys to healing and freedom in God, and help you rediscover your identity in God and deepen your relationship with Him.

God has real solutions for your life. Will you join Him on your overcomers’ journey today?

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 3 John 1:2 KJV


The Be in Health Team


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Growing in God is a journey of overcoming and faith. Read Sandra's testimony of healing and growing in God at the For My Life Retreat.  There is hope for healing from chronic fatigue, allergies, and multiple chemical sensitivities. Read Sandra's testimony of how God helped her heal and her journey to recovery.

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