Real Solutions for Diabetes Type 1: No Meds Required!

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Diabetes Type 1 is an autoimmune disease in which the endocrine system is involved so it interferes with the ability of the pancreas to produce enough insulin or interferes with the ability of the body to use the insulin it has produced.

We have had tremendous success in seeing diabetes healed. There has to be an absolute change in the person allowing them to receive the love of God in order for healing to happen. Diabetes (Type 1) can be inherited, not only from a genetic standpoint, but also a spiritually inherited standpoint because the possible spiritual root of diabetes can be inherited. A broken spirit (heart) is also implicated.

If you are in need of a real solution, here is A More Excellent Way.

Here is a testimony of an Overcomer gaining victory over Diabetes Type 1.

My Pilgrimage to Meet God in Georgia

I’ve been an insulin dependent diabetic for many years. During that time, I had asked for prayer from three different ministries for diabetes. Three times the spirit manifested and left. Three times it came back. That became my question to God—why does this spirit have the right to be here? What had we missed? After hearing what Dr. Henry Wright had to say about the roots of diseases, and my phone call to him, I knew what we had been missing. The spiritual root diabetes and the serious kingdom of self-hatred, self-rejection, self-abandonment and guilt that had been an active part of me most of my life without me even knowing it or recognizing it for what it was. Yes, His many people perish for lack of knowledge. But that was about to change.

Education is the basis for continued success for those who spent time at Be in Health. Education completes the process to make it possible to maintain freedom, along with the actual ministry. It works. The results are phenomenal and lasting!

Diabetes will never again have its chance to ravage my body, sending my blood sugar up and down, making my eyes blurry, making my body carry extra pounds of fat and water, changing my personality because of drivenness and aggressive irritability and other personality disorders. None of that will ever happen again. It is gone. Healed forever. An incurable disease defeated and sent on its way packing. Dr. Henry says, “Book it!”

Biggest victory: One team member gave me a big hug, and self-hatred left. The next morning, I looked in the bathroom mirror, and it just popped out of my mouth without a thought: “I like you.” Imagine that!

Since being back home, I have continued to heal and overcome lingering symptoms. God even healed my love of food so that area is under control. I have lost 12 pounds, and see what my body is like without a terrible disease. My personality is quieter and kinder. The fruit of the spirit of gentleness is now a part of me.

UPDATE, several months later: I continue to be totally free of diabetes and when anyone asks me how my diabetes is, I just say, “I do not know; I left it in Georgia!” I’m down 20 pounds now, which is just right for me since I stopped my insulin.


Here is an Amazon book review of A More Excellent Way:

This is a superior rewrite of the earlier editions of A MORE EXCELLENT WAY. It is a fantastic deal as well. Yes, a DVD included. Much improved indexing and great testimonies, more confirmation of medical evidence and bibliographical reference. Even if you have owned a previous edition, it is well worth it to purchase this new one because there is much more included for practical help in getting well and in helping others.


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