Healed and Restored

God Healed and Restored Our Whole Family Through the Insights that We Learned from Be in Health®

We are so grateful to have the Sherstad family on board as the pastors of one of our ACTS Global® (Association of Churches Teaching and Serving®) fellowships. So far, God’s taken them on an amazing journey alongside Be in Health. God has healed and restored their whole family and many other people who they have come in contact with since then. They are passionate about sharing God’s truth and love with others so that they too can be healed and made whole in their spirit, soul, and body.

We want to introduce them to you today by sharing a bit of their testimony and their bio with you. We’re confident that their story will inspire you.

The Sherstad Family’s Testimony

It all started for us back in 2011. Before that, my wife had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). She had it very bad with a seven-centimeter lesion on her spinal cord and spots on her brain. The doctor warned us that she was going to be in a wheelchair. We struggled with that for three years.

My wife’s sister went to the For My Life® Retreat in 2011. Afterwards, she flew out to Seattle to minister to my wife. Within a month, the Lord completely healed my wife of MS; she was completely transformed.

My eyes were opened to something I’d never seen before

I thought that I was a good Christian; my god was my theology. But when my wife was healed of MS, I realized that there was something there that I didn’t know. I read Dr. Henry W. Wright’s book, A More Excellent Way. That book caused me to take off the theological glasses; the hard line dispensational glasses. For the first time, I was able to read the Bible without those lenses. I fell in love with it, and it came alive to me in a way it never had before. It was amazing.

Now I can’t even see those dispensational lines that I drew so hard in the Bible. The Word is alive; God is alive, and He’s healing today!

Healing occurred on so many levels

Before, I thought I was this great Christian guy because I didn’t have a lot of exterior sin. I had sleep apnea, and saw that there could be spiritual roots to it. I asked the Holy Spirit to show me my sin. The Holy Spirit revealed layer upon layer of sin that I had in my life that I’d never realized before. After two weeks of me asking the Holy Spirit to reveal it, and of me confessing my sin, I was sleeping like a baby. My sleep apnea was gone, and I threw away the sleep apnea device.

Our whole family has been healed and restored. My daughter was healed of dyslexia, and my son was healed of allergies. In our extended family, we’ve seen asthma, eczema, and flat feet healed. We’ve seen friends healed of bipolar, borderline schizophrenia, night paralysis, night terror, high blood pressure, panic attacks, gender confusion disorder, female hair loss, and even leukemia. All this happened within about two years of us learning these Biblical insights taught at Be in Health.

Living in victory

My life today is victorious. I’m joyful; I spend at least an hour every day in the Word of God, and I really enjoy it. The Lord is showing me a lot of things. I look for ministry opportunities all the time; I can’t get enough of them. God is here and moving, and now I have answers for people that maybe aren’t getting answers from the churches that they attend. We get to bring healing to them in their lives.

The value of the For My Life Retreat

I’ve done the For My Life Retreat online, and I’ve also gone to Thomaston, GA, to attend it in person. The For My Life Online teaching is sound, and it’s fantastic. For many people, including myself, it is new stuff we’d never heard in churches before. But going to Georgia to attend the For My Life Retreat in person is amazing; the Lord is moving there. It’s so peaceful there; everyone is so kind, loving, and pleasant. You can feel safe and free to confess sins, and you can feel free to be yourself. I highly recommend that you go too!


Get to know Mike and Dana

Mike and Dana shepherd an ACTS Global church. They are located in the Pacific NW, about 34 miles NE of Seattle, at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, in the city of Monroe, WA.

They enjoy the outdoors which, for them, includes cycling, rafting, gardening, beekeeping, disc golf, and studying the Bible on the sides of the beautiful Skykomish River.

Both have a passion for studying the Word of God and a desire to teach His principles. They both grew up in the church, learning, leading, and growing. But their knowledge base of the Word was hampered by a theology that did not allow the Lord to work miracles. It was not until 2011 that God intervened and healed Dana of debilitating Multiple Sclerosis, through her prayer and confession as taught by Be in Health. As a result of that experience, they truly came to know God and the ways in which He works today. Soon after, Mike was healed of potentially life-threatening sleep apnea. Mike and Dana feel that in that time, they were completely, spiritually and physically, transformed. It was then that the Lord really started to work in their lives.

Mike and Dana have a real heart to see people healed, and to see lives transformed by the renewing and regeneration of their minds in the Word of God. God has rewarded their passion as they have seen multitudes of people healed miraculously by the Lord in the last decade!

Mike owns a floor coating company that services hospitals and commercial clients in the Pacific NW. Dana is a painter and author with books sold around the world and is starting up a floral business to make all things beautiful.

Get connected

If you are looking for a local body of believers who believe and teach Be in Health principles according to the integrity of the Scripture, check out our ACTS Global website to see if there is one in your area: actsglobal.com

Perhaps God is stirring your heart that ACTS Global is something that you’d like to participate with as a way of reaching out to your local community. Click here actsglobal.com to find out more about ACTS Global and to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!


The Be in Health Team


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God Healed and Restored Our Whole Family through the insights that we learned from Be in Health. Read the Sherstad family’s testimony of healing from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Sleep Apnea, and more. Find out how you can be healed too!  Not only did God completely heal Dana of Multiple Sclerosis, He also healed Mike’s sleep apnea and brought healing to their whole family! Find out how!

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