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Our ACTS® Church Pastors Are Excited to Serve Their Local Communities – Get to Know Them and Find Out How You Can Get Connected With a Local Fellowship Today!

The ACTS churches were very dear to Pastor Henry W. Wright’s heart. Before he passed away, he was diligent in making sure that they had a solid foundation. In addition, he wanted a steadfast elder to oversee them so that they had every opportunity to succeed so he appointed Pastor John Shales as the overseer of ACTS Global. Pastor Wright also personally ordained a wonderful group ACTS Church pastors to lead local fellowships in their areas. There are currently a total of twelve ACTS churches ready to serve their local communities.

We are excited to begin to introduce you to each of our ACTS Church pastors with a personal bio and testimony from them posted periodically throughout the year. We encourage you to take note of who they are and to keep them in your prayers as they work to fulfill their mission and calling. You may even feel drawn to attend their fellowship if they are in your area.

Meet Martin and Annabel Williamson

Martin and Annabel completed their first For My Life® course in the UK back in 2009. It was a major turning point for them both, and since then, they have not looked back. They attended the For My Life Retreat and Walk Out® Workshop again in 2014 and have also done the FML Online course twice.

Prior to 2009, they set out on their journey of faith together. Both were raised as Catholics but they had a hunger to deepen their relationship with Father God. They also wanted to grow in the knowledge and understanding of His Word. Looking back, they see how the Holy Spirit truly has led them into all truth. They will be forever grateful for the teachings that they have embraced over the years from Be in Health®. Acquiring and listening to virtually the whole library of resources from Be in Health has enabled them to continue to grow and change. They continue to work out their salvation daily!

Their desire is to encourage, exhort, and bring hope to those who are searching for a relationship with Father God.

Their most noticeable testimony to date entailed challenging relationships that were restored. This restoration was made possible through the application of the Biblical principles of forgiveness that they learned from Be in Health.

In their spare time, they enjoy walking, painting, photography, visiting friends and family, drinking coffee, and eating chocolate! They are now leading a local ACTS fellowship in Berkshire, United Kingdom.

You can be a part of the ACTS churches too!

We currently have twelve ACTS churches located across the country, including two in the United Kingdom. If you’d like to find an ACTS church near you, click here to see our full list of churches and a map of their locations:

Please pray with us that God would provide like-minded laborers who are willing and able to serve throughout the country and around the world. The harvest surely is plentiful, but the laborers are few. If you feel the Holy Spirit tugging on your heart to perhaps start a fellowship in your area, please visit our ACTS Global website to get more information and to reach out to us.


The Be in Health Team

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