Testimony Spotlight: Healed of Major Depression!

The following is an incredible story of one woman’s journey in defeating depression. The principles that Jennifer writes of below will be taught this Saturday, and the one-day, specialty conference on Overcoming Depression. If you or someone you know struggles with depression, please be encouraged by her testimony and join us this Saturday. 

In February, 2011, I was beyond lost. The victim of a sexual trauma – just one of several “open doors” in my life, I had hit what I truly believed to be rock bottom. I never knew if I would come back up. After months of depression and oppression, spiritual bondage, and nightly battles with torment, my husband and I registered for a For My Life program.

It hadn’t always been like this. I was a former television news anchor, national family conference speaker, and on air personality, and above all of that, a devout follower of Jesus Christ. Where I found myself at this point was so far from where I had been. I came to For My Life ready for change and willing to try anything. Though I’d been battling this stuff for more than a year, through it all, I’d never lost my faith in the resurrecting power of Jesus Christ.

So we came to Thomaston, GA figuring, “what did we have to lose?” Within the first two days of the program I could sense things changing – things LEAVING me – freedom and wholeness was returning. Every day it got stronger. Physical and mental healing started happening rapidly. I took my final prescription pill for depression one day after the conference ended and have never taken another once since.

After returning home, I continued to utilize the principles taught to help me find true freedom from every battle that had ensnared me. It was a “process,” one I continued mightily for the next seven months. I was determined to win (with God) and thanks to Be in Health, I knew how to fight! Little by little it happened—so much was removed from my life and I was filling its place with God’s goodness and direction. For the first time I discovered what it meant to find beauty from ashes.

By September of 2011 it was evident that God’s victorious hand was leaving the enemy with so little to cling too. My life was back, and it was changing for Him! Tweet this! October, 2014 will mark my third anniversary as the director of marketing, on air talent, and executive producer at Christian television WTLW TV-44 in Lima, OH. I host a weekly show, Faith and Friends, and I spend every day reaching out to those in need, sharing the saving message of Jesus. I pray with people who were once like me, and I desire to help them find freedom. I now speak regularly at events, both locally and nationally, about fighting depression, oppression, and more, and have become open about my fall and Jesus picking me back up.

To this day, Be in Health remains my #1 recommendation when I talk with people who are going through all kinds of “stuff.” I just wanted to say thank you.

Thanks again,



What an encouraging testimony! For information on the Overcoming Depression Conference, please click here. To read more testimonies like Jennifer’s, please visit Iamchanged.com

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