How to Cure Lyme Disease God’s Way

How to Cure Lyme Disease God’s Way

Jennie’s Healing Testimony

Before coming to Be in Health®, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease, severe allergies to chemicals and metals, and reactive airway disease requiring me to carry an EpiPen. Due to the toxicity from Lyme, I had a heart arrhythmia, short term memory loss, extremely elevated liver enzymes, arthritis, and adrenal fatigue. My pupils didn’t respond correctly to light, and I couldn’t stand for more than ten to fifteen minutes without passing out. I wanted to be healed but I had no idea that God already had a specific plan for how to cure my Lyme disease.

I was too weak to get treatment

When I was diagnosed with Lyme disease, my toxicologist said that I was too weak to undergo antibiotic treatment. Antibiotics would possibly kill me unless I could get stronger first. I began a program to try to detox and gain some strength so that perhaps, one day, I’d be able to get the antibiotic treatment.

I was too weak and allergic to leave the house. My career as a process design engineer had ended due to my illness, and we were struggling financially because of the medical bills, medications, and supplements I needed.

My children also had health issues

My children had some health issues as well. The oldest had food allergies, and the baby had been in the womb with her head and feet together, causing her head to be mis-shaped. She wore a helmet for a year to help, but her cranial-facial doctor said it could only be lessened and not fixed.

After helmet therapy, one eye still looked a third smaller than the other because her cheekbone and brow-bone encroached on her eye socket. Her ear looked like it was on an angle on one side. As parents, we were fearful that she could be picked on as she got older.

The first miracle I experienced

I had been a Christian for many years. I believed in and saw God do miracles in my life. In fact, spontaneously having my two children after fifteen years of marriage, was a big one. I had been diagnosed with infertility/ PCOS, and we had given up trying after failed fertility treatments. I was awakened in the middle of the night and felt led to take a pregnancy test. That was on the eve of a nuclear stress test.

The preceding year was very challenging. I spent lots of time dealing with the medical emergencies of a few close family members and their challenges weighed heavily on me.

A journey to forgiveness

I spent that year asking God to teach me how to forgive at a deeper level so that it wouldn’t be so difficult for me to deal with my family members. I had so much internalized pain from my childhood that made it hard for me to understand how I could be in sin by not forgiving them. Lots of bitterness was hidden by hurt. My heart’s desire was to follow God’s ways and to forgive, but I felt like I wasn’t doing it right. Whenever all of the feelings bubbled up inside of me, I took them to God and asked Him to change me. I thought I was failing in the forgiveness arena, but God was looking at my heart and my commitment to overcome it.

An unexpected blessing

I know now that God does not bring condemnation, accusation, and blame – that was me listening to temptation and beating myself up for not doing it good enough and feeling like a failure. God honored His Word when I chose to follow His ways, and unexpectedly, I got pregnant. The Holy Spirit had led me through the spiritual block of unforgiveness in my life and healed me of infertility. It wasn’t until after taking the For My Life® retreat that I recognized I had experienced a spiritual breakthrough that coincided with my pregnancy.

I believed God

I knew that sickness and disease were not God’s plan for my life. I also did not believe that He would make me too sick to take care of the children that He had miraculously provided. I always believed that He couldn’t be anything but good. I asked Him to show me if I was supposed to do anything differently because I didn’t understand why I was struggling with all of this sickness. I had no idea how powerfully He would answer.

A perfect set-up

Later, a woman who had been to Be in Health as a teen moved to my hometown. At church, my two-year-old told her Sunday school teacher that her mommy was allergic to people, and that’s why I couldn’t come to church. This young woman was volunteering in the children’s ministry and overheard what my daughter said. Later, she showed up at my door with Dr. Henry Wright’s book, A More Excellent Way.

She, too, had been allergic to everything, and so she understood what nobody else did. Soon after we met, she moved back home. Sometimes, I wonder if God moved her out here so that she could meet me.

Wrestling with ‘why’

At first, I didn’t know what to think about the book. I wondered why I should go someplace to be healed. I now believe that we all see God’s truth through the lenses of our own experience, and sometimes we need a fresh way to look at things. I learned that God wasn’t going to violate my free will and remove things out of my life that I was still in agreement with. At the time, I could not see that I was agreeing with anything wrong.

I started my journey to recovery

When I first went to Be in Health, I had been sick for five years with the ‘mystery disease’. I was housebound for one year and had been diagnosed with Lyme for about four months.

It took the solid Biblical teaching at the For My Life Retreat to help me recognize that I was brokenhearted, which left all of my relationships undergirded with fear and trust issues. I thought that I had already overcome a childhood of neglect and abuse. I felt that because I had two engineering degrees, two beautiful kids, a husband of eighteen years, and a home, I was doing well. I was high functioning for years, and then I thought that I just randomly got sick. I had all of these issues under the surface, and I had no idea what to do with them or how deep they went. According to what the world would say; these issues were normal. But God wanted to heal these issues rather than allow them to affect my spirit, my connection with Him and others, and my health.

I didn’t have to understand everything at the time. I just prayed about and dealt with the issues that I recognized as they came up. I had to want to obey scripture and work on my relationship with God. God led me to read the profiles of disease and then set them aside and not focus on them so that He could do the work in my heart that was necessary to deliver me from them.

A major breakthrough

A major breakthrough moment at Be in Health happened while I was sitting in the Fear class. I thought I didn’t have a lot of fear because I never had panic attacks or phobias. But the teacher asked us to make a list of the people that we really trusted. I couldn’t put a single name on that list. My illness had strained my marriage and friendships. This question brought up the deep feelings of betrayal and loneliness that I had harbored since my childhood.

That teacher went on to suggest that if we were unable to trust others, it was possible that we did not trust God the way we needed to. A broken heart often includes broken trust, even if we love God. The teacher went on to tell us that Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted. The Word says that there is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. I recognized that I did not trust in love which is a form of fear.

Revelation for my heart

For the first time, I realized that I didn’t want to ‘need’ God. I didn’t feel safe; I wanted to do everything by myself so that I wouldn’t feel vulnerable. As a result, I was dying. My independent nature was nothing more than a defense mechanism to manage the fear I lived with.

I told God at that moment, you are trustworthy, and I’m broken, but I have no idea how to do any better. I didn’t even know where to start. That is where God’s mercy and grace met me. He saw my heart and my choice to recover myself from the snare of fear, and He honored me accordingly.

Healing came!

I was well a few moments later, and I was no longer deceived. I was able to give God my broken heart. I learned how to take my thoughts captive and to recognize fear and bitterness. I could reject those wrong ways of thinking and replace them with God’s truth. I learned how to renew my mind one choice at a time.

I left Be in Health with no allergies. A doctor’s visit soon after showed normal liver enzymes, and everything else checked out normal as well. I never had to take antibiotics for Lyme; God healed me. I had energy and could do whatever I wanted again.

There was still a process of God leading me out of the migraines. Over the next year, He helped me to deal with some self-conflict issues relating to some unhealthy relationships. As a result, 20 years-worth of migraines ended!

Benefits for my children too

The trickle-down effect is real. Both of my children were healed soon after I came home, too. No one even prayed for them. My daughter’s food allergies went away; she could eat anything again with no reactions. And a few days after I got home from Georgia, I noticed that my one-year-old looked different. At first, I thought it was just me, but in three weeks, her eyes matched perfectly; everything was the way it was originally supposed to be.

Jennie’s daughter before and after her healing:

Back to life

I did spring cleaning, running circles around my husband, whereas before, I could barely stand up for long. I sent out birthday invitations and threw our daughters a party, celebrating their 1st and 3rd birthdays. I had fifty people in my house and was surrounded by perfumes and fabric softeners with no reactions! I had also tirelessly prepared a sea of food and cake.

Three women that I shared a doctor with who knew me at my sickest state saw the party photos on Facebook. The woman they knew would have never attended a party, let alone host one. I was able to tell them with confidence that God wanted them well too. They all went to Be in Health the next month and were healed.

My husband’s life was also changed

My husband also looked at me like I was a purple dinosaur. Four months after I returned from Be in Health, my husband attended the For My Life Retreat along with my father. My husband committed his life to Christ and was baptized. He cried as he gave his testimony from the baptismal tank and talked about how God had healed his wife and children. My dad had also struggled with relationships in his family, and he came home a different person. He reconciled with family members. They called me and said they felt like they had their brother back. He was restored to the person they remembered him to be in his youth!

Ten years later…

Now, ten years down the road, I have been healed of several more things over time, including a severe back and head injury from an accident. Instead of having to undergo two surgeries, God fixed it!

In summary, I learned that God doesn’t play favorites. We all have a journey with Him, and He heals us along the way. I have experienced some healings instantly, and others came over a period of time. You can’t find your way unless you seek God, and it is always worth it. I also learned that healing cannot become an idol. We don’t seek signs and wonders; we seek God and His ways, and healing comes as a byproduct.

Seeing fruit in other’s lives

I have been blown away that in ten years, not one person that I’ve suggested Be in Health to has been sorry that they went. They have often given me a hard time before they go because they are being tempted and struggle with all sorts of reasons not to go – the enemy wanted to keep them from their destiny. I’ve sent more than twenty people, and they have sent their people, and so on.

Time and time again, I’ve seen children healed when parents addressed things that are in the family tree – usually, it had to do with an inherited medical condition. I have sat in rooms full of people who are all still here because God used my testimony to lead them to freedom and away from what the devil intended for harm in their lives. It’s been both overwhelming and humbling.

Healing is for you too!

If you haven’t gone to the For My Life Retreat at Be in Health, just go. It can’t hurt, and I think you will be amazed at all that God wants to do in your life.

Jennie C., KY


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"I knew that sickness and disease were not God’s plan for my life. I asked Him to show me if I was supposed to do anything differently because I didn’t understand why I was struggling with all of this sickness. I had no idea how powerfully He would answer." Read Jennie's full testimony here!    Jennie knew that sickness wasn't God's plan for her life. Then God taught her His way of how to cure Lyme disease, at Be in Health. Read Jennie's testimony PLUS download a FREE printable scripture art of Psalm 34 here!

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