Healing is about more than just your body

God Healed Sue’s Body, but She is Even More Grateful for This One Thing – Healing is About More Than Just Your Body

So many of us endure health problems without realizing that God has a real solution, better than just management. He wants you healed and whole. But healing is more than just about your body; God has a better design. In fact, the part of us that God is interested in first is our spirit. Why? Because our spirit is what will continue on into eternity. So our spirit has value far more significant than our earth suit (our body).

God’s grace and mercy

The greatness of God’s grace and mercy is revealed in this: as we allow Him to bring healing, correction, and restoration to our spirit, something wonderful happens in our body too! We get to live the way we were originally designed to function! The key is being restored to God’s character and discovering who we are in it. This will bear good fruit in every area of our lives.

Not only will we find a new sense of peace, joy, and freedom in our spirit, but our body can begin to serve us the way it was designed to again. Sue discovered this when she encountered the Biblical truth that we teach at Be in Health®. She came to us out of curiosity and left healed and restored.

Sue’s Testimony

For almost thirty years, I’ve experienced the joy of the Lord and victory in the power of the Holy Spirit, I knew and understood the Bible back and forth – or so I thought. Then, in 2012, a dear friend of mine gave me Dr. Henry Wright’s book, A More Excellent Way. I read it a bit, but I had some questions about it.

Later, in 2014, I heard that there was a Be in Health conference in Philadelphia, PA. I wanted to go check it out, so my husband and I attended it together. As I listened to Dr. Henry Wright teach, I really wanted to know if what he said was true or not. On the third day of the conference, as I listened very attentively, God confirmed in my heart that this is so true! This is so Biblical! It’s directly from the heart of God!

A new discovery

Then, towards the end of the conference, there was a small group prayer time, and I found out that there were possible spiritual roots to the back pain that I’d had for over eight years. At first, I wasn’t sure about the spiritual roots, but when I asked God about it, He showed me that it really was the cause of my pain. So I repented in tears to God, and after that, I felt so free inside.

On my way back home, I noticed that the pain in my back was gone, and it has never come back since! I continued to stand firm on the Biblical principles that I learned from Be in Health, and I was also completely healed from rheumatism in my right knee and high cholesterol levels.

The thing I am most grateful for

I am so thankful for these physical healings. However, I am even more thankful for the peace I have and the increased faith that I have experienced. I have learned to forgive people, bless them, and release them to the Father right away. Whenever I face difficult situations, I’ve learned not to panic or get stressed out at all. This peace inside of me is beyond description. I am forever thankful. ~Sue, MD

Sue found some good fruit in her life

From Sue’s testimony, we can see how God began to form her in His character. Sue learned how to walk according to God’s character in forgiveness and love, without fear. She found her identity in who she is in God. This is so powerful, and the good fruit that has come out of her yielding to God’s ways has brought her a peace she never knew before. The happy side effect is that her body was also restored in response to the renewing of her spirit.

Sue’s experience is not an isolated case. Thousands of people have been healed when they came to Be in Health and received and applied the Biblical truth that we teach.

What about you?

We can help you to recognize and understand the things that are going on in your heart and body that are keeping you from God’s best. But we don’t stop there. We will lead you to understand God’s heart, His will, and His ways so that you can apply those to your life and be transformed from the inside out into His character. The extra bonus is often physical healing!

We want to challenge you, will you seek the Healer instead of just the healing? Will you allow Him to begin a work in your heart so that you can have healing and restoration in every area of your life?


The Be in Health Team


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God Healed Sue's Body, but She is Even More Grateful for This One Thing – Healing is About More Than Just Your Body  Discover how God healed Sue of high cholesterol, severe back pain, and rheumatism without any new medications, therapies, or diets. Find out what she says was actually the most important thing to her, and it wasn’t her physical healing.

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