What’s Love Got to do with it?

This teaching from the For My Life® program helps us better understand what Unloving spirits really are. The Unloving spirit is one of the most common and widespread spiritual afflictions of mankind, yet it is usually not recognized. Unloving spirits cause us to dislike ourselves and withdraw from others.We must realize that these feelings and conclusions about ourselves are neither normal nor inevitable, but rather, the effect of spirits which God does not want in our lives.

By understanding from the Word how much Father God loves us, we can learn to overcome and remove unloving spirits from our lives. Then, we can get on with our lives as He intended for us, in Jesus’ name.

Main Aspects of Unloving:

  • Unloving is an anti-Christ spirit because it is against God. It does not want us to love God, loves ourselves and others.
  • It is often taught or programmed into us since childhood.
  • A primary sign of the Unloving spirit is when we look in the mirror and dislike what we see.
  • It also leads us to not forgive ourselves because we don’t love or value ourselves. We beat up on ourselves because we believe we deserve it.
  • Next to God, we should be our own best friend and should actually be able to enjoy time spent with ourselves.
  • Unloving spirits visit us when we are victims and not loved properly. It tells us that it was our fault we were not loved correctly.
  • Unloving spirits make us reject ourselves and feel unworthy, unclean, no good and like we do not “measure up.”
  • It can even lead us to debate whether we belong here or not; to feel like we don’t belong.
  • It is what makes the sound of our own voice feel uncomfortable to us.
  • Unloving spirits make us feel unloved and convince us others don’t want to be around us.
  • It makes us feel like others, and even God, do not like us.
  • It makes us dislike and struggle with ourselves.
  • Even when someone actually does not like us, we must not let that bother us because God does love us and His opinion matters above all others (Romans 3:4).
  • We must remember that we are the apple of God’s eye and that His attention is on us (Deuteronomy 32:10, Psalm 17:7-8).
  • We must decide we will take our place in the name of Jesus and get on with our lives without this struggle about ourselves.
  • The Unloving spirit is one of the greatest bondage’s known to mankind but we must trust that God does not want us to live in it any longer.
  • The Unloving spirit usually comes when we are rejected in our families. However, the Lord does not reject us and He is our help (Hebrews 13:6, 1 Peter 3:12).
  • Another sign of having the Unloving spirit is when we are unable to look at others in the eye without getting nervous.
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