Families Overcoming

Here is an awesome testimony in which Doug and Ronda share about their family’s life changing experience from attending the For My Life program. Be encouraged as you read below:

We are very grateful for this ministry and how it has impacted our lives. We attended the For My Life program for the first time in the spring of 2008. By mid-week, God got our attention and our hearts. The things being taught, we had never heard before. No one had ever told us we were fighting an enemy, or what that enemy even looked like. That week was a  game changer.

Flying back home, we knew we had to bring our kids to the program. We knew they needed to learn these principles early in life rather than later, and we wanted them to be overcomers. That following fall we came back to Thomaston with our two children, ages 10 and 6. Our oldest daughter had already turned her back on God, and had seen the hypocrisy in church. We had found her Bible in the garbage. We were at a loss on what to do, and had hopes that the For My Life Kids program could help.

Eight years later, we have grown spiritually as a couple and family. We continue to grow in God’s Word, and in relationship with Him and each other. We have been coming to the For My Life program as a family since 2008, and last summer our youngest child was old enough to attend the kids program for the first time. Our older two kids are now teenagers, and look forward to attending the youth program each summer, and spending the family time together. Both daughters have been baptized while attending the For My Life program, and have gained the tools to recognize and defeat the enemy that wants to destroy their lives.

Doug, Abby, Aaron, Amy and Ronda

Doug, Abby, Aaron, Amy and Ronda

We committed to supporting the ministry of For My Life because over the years we have seen many changes in our lives as well as others who have attended the program. We believe the Be in Health ministry is fertile soil to sow seed into that produces much fruit. We want to see this ministry continue to expand and grow and impact lives all over the world.

We are excited to see all that God has in store for the upcoming generations. Please join us in our commitment to support the For My Life Kids and Youth programs.

-Doug & Ronda

What amazing words of hope . If you were encouraged by this testimony, and would like to give toward helping establish generations of overcomers, click here.

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