Who’s the Real You?

Do you know who you really are? This is a question that you probably have not been asked in a while, if ever at all.  Have you considered who you really are?  When asked this question many people say things such as, ” I’m a businessman, I’m a homemaker, I’m a coach, I’m a husband, I’m a wife,” or even “I’m a Christian”.  These may be things you do, but if you are born again you are actually a son or daughter of the living God.  That is who you are!  Although everyone is different and has a unique personality, everyone should know that being a son or daughter of God is the foundation for their existence.

If you lack purpose, direction, or motivation it may be that you have not embraced this reality.  Most of our lives we have allowed other people to tell us who we are.  Our parents, teachers, bosses, friends, spiritual leaders, and even our own selves have tried to define who we are.  [tweet_dis]There is a battle for us to know who we really are.  We don’t have to chase after an identity.[/tweet_dis] Our Father had one in mind for us when He made us.  In the Specialty Conference Who Am I?, Dr. Wright unfolds what the Bible has to say about who we really are.

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