Family Restored

 “Restoring the Family”

Family RestoredMy husband and I have been married for 6 years. We asked the Lord for a baby and were blessed with our son Judah in 2017. As eager and nervous expectant parents, we prayed and believed God for a blessed and safe birth. However, what happened didn’t seem to match our prayers. Judah was very posterior and I labored for 3 days without dilation. There was no pressure on my cervix to cause an opening. For 3 days, I contracted in pain and without much sleep because I became scared and stressed out. As much as I tried to relax, fear gripped me. Instead of the natural birth I wanted, I had to go to hospital where I was induced. Ultimately, I received 3 Epidurals (1 injection sighted incorrectly and 2 injections did not provide pain relief to the astonishment of the anesthetist). Two Spinal Taps – because the Epidurals did not appear to be working. My baby was delivered by C-section and I was numb up to my eyeballs. My baby boy was healthy according to the doctors and nurses.

That trauma opened up the door for sadness, postpartum depression, anger, fear and major anxiety in my life. As soon as we brought our son home, he began screaming night and day. He was as stiff as a board and never seemed to relax. This distressed my husband and I greatly. We became tense. Our baby did not sleep, and spent many, many hours crying and screaming. The doctors said he had colic. Before long, he started to vomit frequently. I began to seek help for my baby, which at that time included chiropractor, osteopath, cranial osteopath, dentists (for tongue and lip tie), nutritionists, naturopaths, all kinds of potions and lotions. Through all of this, I had feelings of despair, fear, and anxiety. I became very dark and very angry towards Judah when he would not settle to sleep but would cry for hours at a time. I was in constant fight or flight. During this time, my physical health deteriorated along with my mental health. I suffered thrush, Candida, liver failure, uteral infections. Through a very weakened immune system, I was constantly sick and so was Judah. As well as a GERD diagnosis, Judah was apparently allergic to everything. I kept a strict regime diet with about six safe foods. We lost significant amounts of weight. My husband didn’t know what to do about it, so he just carried on with our stressed life. Ultimately, I had thoughts of suicide and tried to take my life. Through it all, I loved the Lord dearly and couldn’t work out why my baby was so sick. I was obsessed with trying to heal him as I didn’t want to see me baby suffer.

I received prayer from many well-meaning Christians over this 12-month period. Finally, a woman who had been praying with me, gave me a copy of A More Excellent Way from Be in Health®. She gave the book to me only because she remembered it might talk about allergies. I accepted the book with no intention of reading it as I felt I had received so much prayer over the years and there was seemingly no spiritual answer for me at that time.

Well, because I just cannot give up, I opened the book… God began to speak to me!! I received the teaching on God’s heart and promise to keep us in health and my heart leapt for joy. This was something I already believed in my heart.

Chapter by chapter I received Biblical teaching instruction. The Holy Spirit began to bring conviction about all the fears that I had. The writing on what fear, stress and anxiety does to the body gave an explanation to what was happening in my body. At this time, fear fought to keep me terrified by this information, but I clung to God and chose faith.

I have read the book cover to cover as a teaching resource more than once. During this journey, God has brought to my attention that trauma opened the door in my life to fear, anxiety and stress, then to occult practices. There are many sins that the Holy Spirit has identified to me that I have repented for, not just as a result of this trauma, but sins that were deeply held and not acknowledged by me. Sins that I lacked knowledge of according to God. Sins of my ancestors. I had to repent for unforgiveness, bitterness and anger. I had to repent for words spoken over my son Judah. I had to repent for complaining / murmuring about my mother-in-law. Also, of trying to be perfect; in my professional life I was very driven. I repented for entertaining the lies of allergies in Judah’s life. I repented of not trusting my Heavenly Father to keep me safe. I repented for trying to be the spiritual head of the family and trying to control my husband… the list goes on and on.

I kept a journal that contained my walk out journey. The devil battled hard to keep me in fear and anxiety. Then he battled hard to keep me in self-pity as my husband seemingly continued on passive about everything in our lives. I washed myself in the Word of God. Over and over I read the Word of God. I chose by faith to trust God to keep me safe and to keep my son safe. I continually kept my heart in a position of forgiveness and love towards my husband seeing him as a brother in Christ. I began to pray every day over my husband as his help meet.

Through this journey, I have walked out the 8 Rs to Freedom and will continue to do so. Loving and trusting the Lord God with all my heart, fills my heart with so much gratitude, joy, peace and love.

After working through the 8 Rs, my son has been delivered of a spirit of fear and anxiety. Overnight he became a happy, content baby!! He is healed from all allergies, he eats everything. Reflux is gone. Colic is gone. He is growing so well. He is developing just as the Lord intends. Judah is in health and prospers as his soul prospers.

Healed of Food AllergiesI have been healed of stinking thinking. This has required much washing of the water of the Word and spending a lot of time with God. This is a continuing journey with God in faith through Jesus Christ by the power of His Spirit. Many evil mindsets and thought patterns have been exposed by the Holy Spirit. I have replaced these with the truth of God and His Biblical promises. I hold every thought captive to the obedience of Jesus Christ. I am active every day in my mind to this end. Praise God for the good work he is completing in me!

I have been healed of woman’s issues, hemorrhoids, trauma, and the physical effects of fear and anxiety in my body. The healing continues and I continue to walk out my freedom in Christ Jesus. I have a renewed mind and renew it daily in The Word. There has been much mental healing and emotional healing. I am no longer ruled by my emotions preferring the truth of God in every situation. I now have an excellent relationship with my mother-in-law.

There has been much healing between my husband and me. There is much to go. I now submit to him as his help meet. I pray earnestly for him and am guided by the Holy Spirit in my conversation with my husband.

For a time, the devil tried to confuse me with accusations. I became obsessed with examining myself trying to be perfect. I ended up partnering with a “Kingdom of Self” spirit. Praise God that has been exposed and I repented of it. I am now healed and my mind is continually being renewed.

-Jennifer T. New Zealand