For My Life® Family Week

For My Life® Family Week

The summer season is quickly approaching and we want to make sure that we highlight an amazing opportunity for the whole family. Every year we offer For My Life® for the whole family. This For My Life® family week includes the For My Life® Adult, For My Life® Youth, and For My Life® Children’s Retreat all in the same week! This is an opportunity for the whole family to be transformed and healed from the inside, out.

We hear so many people say, “If only I had known this when I was younger, I would have been saved from so much torment and heartache!” We’ve listened and developed these specialized retreats to continue our mission of establishing generations of overcomers.

With the For My Life® family week, everybody in the family can benefit and be on the same page spiritually. We take the same information that is presented in the Adult For My Life® Retreat but reformat it to be relevant and engaging for each audience.

For My Life® Youth

The For My Life® Youth Retreat offers the same life-changing teachings that the For My Life® Retreat offers but repackaged to relate to the teenage generation. We present the truth from the Bible in a way that is relevant to them in this season of their lives. Our goal is to make the information they receive personal and applicable. It will resonate with their hearts yet is solid and sound. With these teachings, they can begin to build a firm foundation of understanding that will help to establish the course of the rest of their lives.

The teens in today’s world struggle with things much different from previous generations. The For My Life® Youth Retreat teaches Biblical tools and how to apply them to their lives. With these tools, they will be able to overcome any and every obstacle life throws at them and do it with the joy and peace that can only come from God.

Our goal

Our goal is to provide a safe environment where we can foster open and honest conversation about real teen issues and struggles. There are times for interaction with peers and teachers, ice breaker games, activities, question and answer sessions, and more.

The director of the For My Life® Youth Retreat, Pastor Scott Harper, says this, “I want to give these teens the opportunity that I didn’t have as a kid. I want to help them to understand their battleground. If I can help them to understand separation and that the things they are struggling with are not them, then I’ve succeeded. I also want them to understand that they are not by themselves in their struggles and journeys.”

What others have said

Previous participants have hold Pastor Scott and his wife, Sarah, that this retreat has changed their whole perspective on life. They’ve shifted from depression and no hope for their future to being excited for what God has in store for them.

Topics that we will explore include:

  • What rejection looks like
  • The relevance and importance of Psalm 139 and loving ourselves
  • How to overcome addictions
  • The envy and jealousy trap
  • How to defeat fear
  • The poison of bitterness
  • Father God’s love
  • And so much more!

All of these will help heal hearts and encourage the students to grow up in proper and healthy relationships with God, others and even themselves. They will learn to navigate issues that may have previously seemed overwhelming or misunderstood. They will develop new confidence in themselves and in their identity as beloved children of God.

“If you participate with and receive what we teach, this program will be life-changing. You can’t help but to be altered in how you think, speak and act.” says Pastor Scott.

For My Life® Kids

The For My Life® Kid’s Retreat is designed to be loads of fun for the children to capture their attention and engage them. The same principles are taught as in adult’s For My Life® class but they are broken down into bite-size pieces that are simple enough for the children to understand. In fact, adults who have assisted in the kid’s program have said that they got a whole new understanding of the teachings because of the simple, applicable insights that are presented.

We want them to have fun!

Our talented and passionate Team Members endeavor to make this a fun, memorable week for the children. We don’t want this to be a stiff, religious experience. We want them to have so much fun, to make lasting memories, and to experience the love of God in a way that they may never have seen before. Levenda Summers, the For My Life® Kid’s director says, “I want them to taste and see that God is good!”

This is a safe place.

This is a safe place for the children. We don’t apply labels, or pretenses; we accept each of them just as they are. All of the children are treated with the same respect, love, care, and compassion. For some of them, it’s the first time that they have ever been treated that way.

Our Team has found great success in teaching and implementing Godly order into the framework of the class. The kids are very responsive to the safety and stability that they experience in this environment.

Establishing their identity

We help them to understand who they are as God’s kids and also how to do separation and to be able to recognize that what they do is not who they are. They will begin to understand how the enemy can influence their thoughts to make them think, speak, and act in ways that are not God’s ways.

Our hope is that they will begin to get an understanding of God’s love for them and that they can carry that with them throughout their lives.

Class format

The kids are all placed in groups with an adult group leader as well as a leadership apprentice who is a local teen from our church body. These teens act as a positive peer influence to lead by example and encouragement so that the children feel inspired to participate.

Some specific things that we do are:

  • Mini teachings – Teachings less than 15 minutes presented in a fun, interesting way in order to keep the attention of the children.
  • Play for Review – A super high energy, all engaging game show where the hosts ask questions about the topics that have been presented and the kids can get involved and have fun reviewing what they’ve just learned.
  • Creative skits – The leadership apprentices also do the skits throughout the week that help the kids see and understand the physical representation of the information they are receiving. The children can relate on a more personal level because they are familiar with the teens in the skit.
  • Games, activities, and crafts
  • Recess – Let’s face it; kids need a break every now and again. Here’s their opportunity to play and let off some steam.

All ministry is done together with the parents at the appropriate time. This ensures that the parents can remain involved and cover their kids during these impactful prayer times.

Come join us!

Be in Health® is a safe place for you and your kids. For many, just being in a safe place can make all the difference. Our experienced and talented team looks forward to this season and to participating with all of the exciting things that God has prepared for the families who come to us. Prepare to be changed and restored into the healthy individuals and the family unit that God designed you to be! We hope that you and your loved ones will join us in our mission to establish generations of overcomers!

Sign up now, space is limited! This is sure to be a family vacation that makes a lasting positive impact.


The Be in Health® Team


If you would like to attend one of the For My Life® family weeks click this link: then click the button that reads “I want to come to For My Life.” 

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