Food Allergies Healed – Now I Eat Everything!

The whole family can receive freedom by attending the For My Life program. Read below how Anna’s life was changed at an early age after she attended the program along with her parents and siblings and God healed her food allergies.

My name is Anna and I am 14. I had life threatening food allergies since I was a baby. I also developed celiac disease. As the years went by my diet became more restricted. My throat would close when I ate eggs, soy, fruits, vegetables, nuts, peanuts and many other foods. Going to the emergency room was a familiar experience for me. The thing that I loved most was fruit and I had lost the ability to tolerate all fruits. Doctors couldn’t do anything to help me get better, so my parents tried all kinds of crazy alternative medicine stuff, which didn’t help either.

Everyone around me was always concerned that I would have a serious reaction to something. When I went to private school they made me sit away from the other children at lunchtime and during any class activity or party that involved food. My school insisted that one of my parents attend all field trips and class parties. I didn’t like having to explain the seriousness of my health issues to everyone, but I knew they needed to know in case I needed help. Eventually, because of my allergies we decided to homeschool. It was impossible for me to eat at a restaurant, have a sleepover, or go to a movie.

When I was 12 my parents learned about the book A More Excellent Way.  My family began to learn what the scripture has to say about the diseases I was diagnosed with. My parents taught me scripture and we learned about anatomy (how the body works) so that I could also understand the science behind why I had become sick. I learned that although I had been sick since I was a baby, God didn’t create me to be sick! In fact, He wanted me to be well and He provided a way for me to restore my health!

Within a few months I knew I was ready to take back my foods. I started with, you guessed it fruits! Then I moved on to take back all of the foods that I had been allergic to! My diet had been so restricted that I must admit it was a little overwhelming to go into the grocery store and know that I could eat anything except gluten (at this point I hadn’t been healed of celiac). My parents and I were so happy!

In 2012, shortly after being healed from food allergies I came to the For My Life Kids Program.  The teaching was fun and it helped me better understand the principles behind many diseases, including celiac. By the end of the week I was healed of celiac disease and our family celebrated by eating pizza at American Pie in Thomaston! All my food restrictions were gone!

I also attended the For My Life Youth Program which built on the foundation of the kid’s program. It was really fun and very interactive. I met other teens from all over the world and even though we were all very different, by the end of the first day we had all become friends. I really enjoyed talking with the different instructors. The material we covered was easy to relate to and the classes weren’t boring at all.

I am so glad that I learned the things that were taught at Be in Health. Every single part of my life has been changed by what I learned. I eat whatever I want, I travel, stay with friends and I never have to worry about ending up in the emergency room or dying from eating something! I am changed by the For My Life program!


What an amazing testimony of God’s work in Anna’s life. If you’d like to watch her testimony, you can find it here.

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