This teaching from the For My Life® program helps us better understand what Addictions really are. Addictions come in many forms and are widespread in mankind but few understand how they really work in our lives. At their root is the incorrect mindset and belief that we are not loved by God, or others, which then leaves us seeking relief or substitutes for that love through other things or other people.

In addition, our serotonin level is affected when we feel unloved and now we feel worse and even depressed, which only deepens the addiction cycle.

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Important Insights about Addictions:

  • There are many kinds of addictions besides the  more common ones like alcohol, drugs or gambling. One can be addicted to legal or over-the-counter drugs, television or even certain people or relationships.
  • Anything that rules or controls us from within is an addiction. Evidence of an addiction is that we cannot lay something down by an act of our will.
  • The number one over-the-counter drug people can become addicted to is antihistamines.
  • Some relationships can be considered addictions because there is an ungodly bonding through codependency. These are often called inordinate affection.
  • We must realize that Satan knows how we can be controlled through our needs.
  • If we are in relationship with anyone based on needs, it is ungodly and addictive.
  • As the addiction rules and controls us, it becomes our master. 
  • Addictions compete with God in our lives. We either go to Father God or go to an addiction to make us feel better when we have problems.
  • The spiritual root of addictions is the need to be loved (Matthew 22:37-40).
  • The foundation for addictions is the wrong mindset that we are not loved by God or by others. When we believe that, we look for “a fix”, relief or substitute for that lack of love (Galatians 3:1-3).
  • In order to not fall into this trap, we must believe, accept and receive the love of Father God and then also give and receive love from others.
  • More importantly, there is a physical component to addictions. When we are influenced by unloving thoughts, our hypothalamus secretes lower levels of serotonin.
  • Because serotonin’s effect is described as “the feel-good neurotransmitter”, lower serotonin leaves us feeling “not good” or depressed.

Addictions can bring much destruction to our lives and seem difficult to overcome. But, through proper understanding of their mechanism and of God’s Word, they can be defeated. The solution is to accept, and receive, Father God’s love for us. This will help us overcome the thoughts and emotions that result in a physical effect upon our serotonin. With help from Father God, we can unravel and remove addictions from our lives!

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