A Tip for Reading the Scriptures

I personally, as a pastor, use the King James Version. You say, ‘well it’s so complicated, and the thees and the thous.’

You don’t have to be a Hebrew scholar or a Greek scholar to understand Hebrew and Greek. In fact, you don’t have to know Hebrew and Greek at all to understand Hebrew and Greek, thanks to the Strong’s Concordance. You can take the King James Version, with a Strong’s Concordance, and look up every single word you don’t understand.

The worst thing you can do in reading your Bible is to get a dictionary. The dictionary you have, the Webster’s, is not an original Webster’s. If you look at the fine print in the inside cover of your dictionaries, it says, ‘based on.’ Read the small print ‘based on’ and forget the rest of whatever it was. If you go to an English dictionary to understand your Bible you’re in a world of a mess.

What you do is, take the word you don’t understand and get a Strong’s Concordance. Look up that word, look at the definitions for that word and all the examples that go with that word. Look at all the root words that are part of it, to get the root of the word. Then go back to the scripture that has the word you’re reading and read all the scriptures before it, the scripture you found it in, and the scripture after it, to find out and let the Holy Spirit teach you in context – what is meant by that statement. And, I promise you – you can do this.

Then look for the harmony in other books of the Bible that talk about the same thing. Look for context and harmony, not out of context with no harmony. I found that when I found truth, I also found the same truth somewhere else to confirm it.

Dr. Henry Wright

An excerpt from Lord God Revelation

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