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Honoring the life of Dr. Henry W. Wright


From the Board of Directors of Hope of the Generations Church and Be in Health® to our faithful co-laborers, 

Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints. – Psalm 116:15

Surely a precious moment in the sight of the LORD occurred on Monday.

It is with a grieving heart that we share with you our beloved Founder of Be in Health and Senior Pastor of Hope of the Generations Church, Dr. Henry W. Wright, passed on to be with our Father and LORD Jesus Christ in heaven Monday, November 18th, 2019.

He passed while having a routine procedure when unforeseen complications arose. His passing is shocking and unexpected to us all.

However, in keeping with Dr. Henry’s legacy and faith, we encourage you to focus on being grateful to the Father for his life and amazing heart of love. We also encourage you to rejoice that this faithful son has finished his course on earth well and is with his Father and LORD Jesus Christ.

We know for many of you reading this letter, your relationships and health have been radically transformed because of Dr. Wright’s influence and ministry. His zeal to see mankind be restored to our Father through Jesus Christ was evident wherever he went. Today, there are countless lives ransomed from the enemy to the glory of God because of his life and ministry.

But perhaps some of the things that were most endearing about Dr. Henry was his laughter, the “Henry-isms,” his utter disdain for okra, and his longing that when God gives him a new name he would be called “Biscuit” (perhaps this has now come to pass!). His joy was contagious, and an encounter with him was always meaningful, and one you were not likely to forget. He will be greatly missed.

As the complications that caused his death were occurring, his wife, Pastor Donna, and the elders were praying fervently for a miracle. When he did not revive, Pastor Donna (Dr. Henry’s wife) heard in her heart from the Father, “Henry is with me now. He’s good. A team has been raised up to carry on, and they have been nurtured to carry on the vision”.

Although Dr. Henry’s passing was unexpected, it did not catch us off guard. For over five years, the Wrights and the Board of Elders have had a plan in place on how to carry Be in Health and Hope of the Generations Church into the future, and that is exactly what we will do. There is a world out there that needs God’s love and power to defeat our enemy, and we will not stop now. Dr. Henry was passionate that the ministry he founded would not end with him, but would continue on in every generation until the First Resurrection. This desire was the primary thrust in naming the church he and Pastor Donna founded, “Hope of the Generations Church.”

Dr. Henry was very active in raising up sons and daughters in the faith that could carry on the mission and vision of Be in Health in his absence. His wife, Pastor Donna Wright, will continue as the CEO of Be in Health and with the assistance of the elders and board members, will lead the amazing staff, volunteers, and supporters in continuing to establish generations of overcomers.

Dr. Henry’s legacy will stand as a foundation for all we do at Be in Health and Hope of the Generations Church. Addressing the question, “What will you do now that he has passed away?” Our response is: “The same thing we did when he was alive!” Those here will be “hands-on” in getting the job done steadfastly, establishing the Kingdom of God just as Dr. Henry did for well over 30 years.

In 2020 we have even more of the life-changing For My Life® retreats scheduled than ever before. Our Exposing the Spiritual Roots of Disease® Conference Tour will travel to 21 cities to bring the knowledge, love, and power of God to cities in desperate need. We have set a goal of establishing 21 A.C.T.S. churches and gatherings in 2020 around the nation that will provide a safe place for people to grow in the power and integrity of the gospel.

So although we grieve and will miss Dr. Henry greatly, with your prayers and support, we know that God will continue to bring reconciliation and wholeness to mankind through Be in Health for generations to come.

Thank you for your prayers, and we exhort you to continue on in the things you have learned from Dr. Henry that have brought freedom to mankind all over the world and will continue to do so.

But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them; – 2 Timothy 3:14

In lieu of flowers, join us in investing to propel Dr. Henry’s vision into the future.


The Board of Directors of Hope of the Generations Church and Be in Health


Dear Family of the Father and Friends,

If you are reading this letter, it means that I have departed to be with my Father and the LORD Jesus in heaven, where others before me in Christ have gone to await the First Resurrection.

I put my hand to the plow while here, did not look back, and have finished the course here on the earth. I have kept the faith and learned how to be an overcomer as the LORD in Revelation Chapters 2, and 3 instructed us to do.

While this stage of my earthly work is completed, I wanted you to know my thoughts and my heart as if I could still speak to each of you personally today.

Friends and fellow laborers, while this messenger is gone, the message and vision must continue. What God birthed in knowledge and wisdom is critical to the reformation and transformation of precious people that the Father loves here in the earth while it is yet still called day. That is the power of the gospel. The calling out and the preservation of the seed of God, His sons, His daughters, His Family, and the betrothed eternal wife of Christ, the Church.

I have seen from the beginning in the Word, God’s plan for the future. Out of every generation, he has and is calling them by his Spirit out of the families and the cities unto himself.

My mission, and I trust your mission also, will be to join the vision and mission of Hope of the Generations Church and Be in Health as like-minded friends and laborers to establish the Church and generations of overcomers. This exhortation to you is not about me, but it is about all of us. Together we can do this for Him.

I have been in awe over the years of faithfulness of those who have supported the ministry. On behalf of the Father and the LORD Jesus, I thank you for your past, present, and continued future financial and personal support to what God has birthed on behalf of the generations through Hope of the Generations Church and Be in Health. This team is dedicated to continuing the vision and the mission and will need your prayers and support in these trying times.

I am thrilled to see the Be in Health partners that have taken a stand with us and said: “Here I am, LORD, use me.” The fields are white to harvest, but the laborers are few. Many speak of their own value and worth, but a faithful man, who can find? This exciting ministry will continue to need and rely on dedicated, like-minded people like yourself, locally and worldwide – for the mission of Be in Health is global for all peoples and all languages for His glory and praise.

For those dedicated team members that “make it happen,” my hat’s off to all of you… Thanks for your faithfulness, dedication to the mission, and sometimes unseen applause for your efforts. Your reward will be great in heaven, for without the team members, it would not have been possible for me to get too much done by myself. You will be needed and appreciated in the future as the mission of Hope of the Generations Church and Be in Health will continue with great enthusiasm and vigor. I pray that the Father strengthens you by his Spirit, daily.

For those members of the Hope of the Generations Church family, what can I say? Unity in Diversity. Is that possible? You made it more than possible. Out of your weakness, He was made strong through you. You have set the standard for believing, loving, forgiving, and overcoming in spite of the enemy of our souls. It has been more than a pleasure to be your senior pastor, to guard your souls, and to lead you into green pastures for his name’s sake. Keep up the good work, keep the faith, and endure all things in Him.

My desire for all is that the vision and mission for God continue unabated through this church, ministry, and A.C.T.S. Global churches that the will of the Father may be accomplished for mankind. Mankind will need all of you. This is not about me; it is about Him and you. Go, Team!

Love and Regards in Him always,

Dr. Henry W. Wright

Senior Pastor of Hope of the Generations Church

Founder of Be in Health

Founder of A.C.T.S Global

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