Be in Health™ is an international organization teaching principles that bring healing of relationships and health as well as disease prevention. We offer teachings to unravel the mysteries of disease and reveal pathways to health and wholeness. These teachings are based on scriptural insights and what is observable in the psychiatric and medical sciences.

Be in Health™ is undergirded by Hope of the Generations Church of Thomaston, Ga.  To view the statement of beliefs of Hope of the Generations Church, click here.

Be in Health™ is dedicated to helping people by offering insights to why mankind has disease, spiritual roots of disease and blocks to healing. We combine Scriptural insights with cutting edge medical research in Be in Health™. Conferences are held worldwide and in several programs held on campus in Thomaston, Georgia based on these insights. These insights are acknowledged, and are being embraced by professionals in the spiritual, psychological and biological communities.

Many individuals around the world are finding solutions for their personal lives by applying the principles of Be in Health™.

Be in Health™ was birthed in part out of the frustration that the church was often not able to bring healing to disease though Psalm 103 reminds us that God is a God that is able to heal all disease.  Be in Health® is dedicated to providing insights and understanding into why mankind has disease and to teach the pathways to health, healing and disease prevention so that all mankind has the opportunity to be healed.

The roots behind many diseases are often spiritual and are linked to how we think and feel. Fear, stress, guilt, bitterness, accusation and rejection are just a few examples that are included in the teaching and application of Be in Health principles.

Our insights reflect cutting edge medical research documenting how these issues negatively impact the spirit, soul and body – causing disease.

These same principles that produce healing,
when applied, also prevent disease.

We teach scriptural insights with cutting edge medical research

Be in Health™ is in pursuit of the mandate given to us by the Apostle Paul in 1 Thessalonians 5:23 This scripture shows us that we must be sanctified or made holy so that we may be made whole. More holiness in your life will result in more wholeness. Less holiness in your life will result in less wholeness.

Be in Health™ represents wholeness, not wellness. This is a holy-istic mandate. We are not a wellness organization, but we are a wholeness organization, and we are dedicated to wholeness, not just wellness.

Be in Health™ represents a new integrative approach to health – the restoration of the spirit, soul and body so that the triune man and his life can be addressed. Our philosophy recognizes man’s triunity – his spiritual, psychological and physical dimensions – in the active pursuit of restoration, guided by science and Scriptural truth. Our practice is the Scriptural renewal of the mind – within a conventional health care environment – together with a loving but deliberate removal of barriers to wholeness, based on insight, so as to reverse the adverse effects of separation from God, self and others on the human spirit, soul and body.

Be in Health™ with over a quarter of a century of insight and practical applications, has become the pioneer of an exciting new field of applied truth and science. This new journey is known as the field of Pneumapsychosomatology™. This is the study of the spirit-soul-body connection! Be in Health™ teaches basic principles of sanctification and discipleship. We have found these principles, when applied, may move the hand of God to heal and these principles, when applied, will prevent disease. We teach basic principles of sanctification and discipleship.

Countless testimonies from around the world testify to lives changed from having attended our programs and our conferences or reading our materials. They report healings, relationships restored, and a closer walk with God.

Inspiring Testimony

A lady diagnosed with Stage III Uterine Cancer was given a Be in Health™ booklet called Insights into Cancer by Henry W. Wright. She read it on a Wednesday and realized how bitter she was with her ex-son-in-law. The next day he dropped off her grandson and to his surprise, she fervently repented to him. They forgave each other.

The next day, Friday, she had another chemo appointment. However, the doctors could find no trace of cancer in her body. She applied the information in the booklet and she repented to God and forgave her son-in-law, and the huge tumor disappeared- God took it! The doctors confirmed her healing.

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