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Take a Spiritual Shower!

Let’s look at this conversation from a practical example… do you take showers?  Of course you do.  That’s because there is something abnormal on your body.  But what about the rest of your creation? Why is it abnormal for us to consider cleansing the spirit and our soul the same way we pay attention to our body? We need the eternal parts of our creation renewed by the washing of the water of the Word.

Frame-Off Restorations in Relationships

I haven’t found anything man has manufactured that can make paint stick to existing rust on a car. Sin is just like rust. It’ll eat and eat and eat away at our spirituality. We cannot simply pretend sin doesn’t exist and try to paint good acts over it. We need to examine what is wrong with our spirituality. It is time for a frame-off restoration to remove the rust of sin from God’s people. God has called you to be a ‘classy chassy’. Tweet this! He wants to take you to the car show forever.

Spiritual Clean Up

We all need to take time to clean up! When you get dirty it’s normal to take a shower and the same thing applies to your spirituality. You no longer need to feel guilty about having some spiritual “dirt.” We’ve all got some. It’s normal and healthy to be honest, go to God and let Him work with you to cleanse you. It’s good to be normal! 

Health is Normal!

We need to change to line up with what’s normal according to God’s Word. In this blog, you’ll read a story of how Dr. Henry Wright has come through a serious heart attack –healthy! Even if you currently have an illness, that is not the final story. God wants you healthy and whole. Tweet this! He has hope and a path to lead you there!

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