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Do you want to be an overcomer? Do you ever wonder how to be one? At the heart of the Overcomers’ Community is our desire to establish generations of overcomers. Sometimes the walkout of overcoming is daunting on your own. The Overcomers’ Community will give you peace of mind knowing you don’t have to do it alone and the confidence of having a leadership team with personal experience of overcoming in their own lives using the same principles you were taught in For My Life™. The Overcomers’ Community is also the way to get know us at Be in Health and for us to get to know you!

Features include:

Specialty Conferences done by Dr. Wright
An annual viewing of the For My Life Program (January-May)
Weekly continuing education from Hope of the Generations church services
Interactive forums to ask questions to our Be in Health team, get spiritual roots to disease and share or hear testimonies of what the Father is doing in your life
Archived articles by Dr. Wright
10% off all Be in Health resource purchases
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What members are saying:

The Overcomers’ Community has been my go-to resource for personal growth and learning to help others
The church services, teaching videos, articles, and forums are crucial to keep us on course as we do our walkouts.
The Overcomers’ Community is Be in Health’s best-kept secret
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My life radically changed through attending For My Life. I’m now able to accept myself as God’s daughter. I have been healed of digestive tract syndromes, emotional issues, and food allergies. I know who I am in the Father and I have true peace on a daily basis. Our God is so good!” –K.Y.


My life radically changed through attending For My Life.
 Life has Changed so much after I join the OverComers’ Community. It is a great place for me to get the information I need anytime. I wish I joined much sooner I can’t believe I missed out this Long- M.Y.