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The Mission: Be in Health® is to Establish Generations of Overcomers.

The Vision: Be in Health® desires to make a positive impact on at least twice as many people in 2022 as in 2018.

The fulfillment of this vision means that Be in Health® will reach 20% more people in each of the next five years, a 100% increase in 2022 over 2018!


Double the number of our brothers and sisters that have seeds of hope and truth planted in their lives!
Double the number of overcomers!

There are three primary areas that are the backbone of Be in Health’s® five year vision


Getting the word out through outreach is of primary importance. We need an increase in the number of people that come to Thomaston to participate in our programs. Subsequently, all future expansion in our scholarship fund and lodging can be realized.

We will invest up to $240,000 per year to get the good news out that relationships can be restored and made whole; producing peace and health.

The money will continue to be invested in professional marketing support and, in the fall of 2018, we hope to add a team member to our staff.

In 2018 we plan to expand our reach using the internet and social media platforms by reaching or exceeding the following goals:

  • 25,000 likes on Facebook
  • 3,500 twitter followers
  • 10,000 to 15,000 YouTube subscribers
  • 5,500 Instagram followers
  • 30,000 free e-books given away to new contacts
  • The creation of a three-part mini-course on For My Life® principles that will lead people to take the full For My Life® program.
  • A webinar on women’s health that will lead people to the For My Life® online course.
  • A total of 100,000 people that watch a live streaming conference in 2018, which will lead people to take the For My Life® program.
  • We have enhanced our BeinHealth.com website to ensure ease of access to information and use.
  • Search Engine Optimization for BeinHealth.com so that people searching the web will find us more readily.
  • Produce 40 new video testimonies of healing from the For My Life® program posted on Facebook and YouTube to help establish a strong following.
  • The development of our blog to convey useful information and tools for overcoming.

This is a total of $1.2 Million invested into reaching people over the five year vision to establish more generations of overcomers!


Be in Health’s® desire is to help people as is reflected in our mission of establishing generations of overcomers.

We also want to be a vehicle for individuals to be able to help others. One of the ways that we do this is through scholarships funded by partners like you.

From 2015 through 2017 about 30% of the people that attended a For My Life® Program received scholarship help.

A key part of God’s vision for us is to expand scholarships to include more programs and even lodging. As more people attend programs, a 20% increase each year, the scholarship fund will need to grow accordingly to meet the needs.

We estimate that 430 people will receive scholarship help in 2018, which is about $258K in total need.

As more people come each year we estimate that 520 people will receive scholarship help in 2019 with a total need of $283K. In the following three years we anticipate:

  • 670 people will receive scholarship help in 2020 = total need of $324K
  • 750 people will receive scholarship help in 2021 = total need of $360K
  • 900 people will receive scholarship help in 2022 = total need of $411K

This is a total of $1.6 Million in scholarships over the five years of the vision.


Lodging while attending a program at Be in Health® is another priority for us. Clean, comfortable, affordable accommodations and fellowship with like-minded believers are some important considerations for us and our guests. To assure positive lodging experiences, we have already upgraded the existing Hope of the Generations Retreat Center accommodations, we added eight new RV campers with canopies built over them, completely renovated the two bedroom trailer with all new furniture and replaced all the beds in the 8 tiny house cabins. We have also improved the road within the Retreat Center, added a large fellowship tent and upgraded our RV sites.

At the Hope Inn accommodations we have remodeled all the rooms; we replaced the flooring and painted the walls and ceilings and replaced all the furniture, beds and linens.


We still plan to replace the existing entry doors with full view glass doors to allow natural light into every room at the Hope Inn.

Upgrades and renovations will continue at the Hope of the Generations Retreat Center at the eight tiny house cabins as we replace all of the furniture and amenities, replace the heating and cooling systems, upgrade the electrical and put a fresh coat of stain on the exteriors.

Currently the maximum occupancy of these two facilities is 80 people. However, many times we have more than 80 people attend one of the Be in Health® programs. To be able to accommodate more guests, we will increase our accommodation capacity by building a lodge with 30 or more rooms on the Hope Inn property, which is a 3.3 acre site approximately 1 mile from our ministry campus. This new lodge will provide accommodations for 80 to 100 additional people.

This is a total of $1.2 Million in lodging facilities and amenities over the five years of the vision.


The total estimated cost to do all that God is calling us to do is $4 Million. God has given Be in Health® this five year vision and we know that what He has called us to do He will provide. We invite you to join with God and us by becoming part of the fulfillment of this five year vision.

Thank you for joining us in this vision through your continued support in prayer and giving!