Who Am I? Episode 2

In our newest I Am Changed webcast, we continue to explore the subject of “Who Am I?”. This is another excerpt from our Be in Health Specialty Conference examining the subject of our identity. With the knowledge imparted by this teaching, we can gain understanding of our identity and “who we are” according to the Word.

You will be able to find insights into the following points as you watch this webcast below:

  • See a diagram of what a son/daughter of God should look like according to the Word.
  • Learn the practical definitions of God’s nature that should be a part of our everyday lives as children of God.
  • How is the fruit of the Holy Spirit supposed to be a part of our life and did God create us to exhibit his nature?
  • Why are we troubled by the problems and generational sins of our family tree? How have we been formed and taught to behave according to sin?
  • Hear a scriptural example of our transitional journey as we deal with sin and learn how to overcome it.
  • What is the “glory of God” and how is its manifestation in our life a part of learning to overcome and help others in their journey?
  • What came into Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden when they disobeyed God?
  • See a diagram of what came into Adam and Eve and our lives today even as believers.
  • Learn why discernment of good and evil is so important to our journey of maturing as children of Father God.
  • Learn how to do self-inventory and look at what is evil in our life and get rid of it.
  • Hear definitions of what our nature will look like separated from God when we follow after Satan’s nature.
  • Do we have to follow temptation and evil thoughts or is there a way out?

We all confront the situations where we are forced to ask questions about our identity. With God, we have the opportunity to grow in the identity He has for us. If you enjoy what you see in this iamchanged webcast we invite you to join the Overcomers’ Community where you can watch the entire “Who Am I?” Specialty Conference. This teaching is dedicated to giving you discernment to understand the various ways we can all become ensnared in physical and emotional troubles. The resources and teachings provided by the Overcomers’ Community, give you solutions according to God’s Word to help you along your journey to freedom and overcoming.

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