Wendy  Fraser 

Psalm 48:1-14

Especially verse 14

Our God forever and ever.

He will be our guide to death.

On March 9, 2013 my beloved  husband of 40 years passed away.

As I entered the door  way where he was laying, I to heard in my Spirit “he’s not there he’s here with me. As I stood there an enormous peace flowed over me and in me ,even until this day, November 26,2019.

Father God led me to Psalm 48:14.

As I looked back at the previous  year I realized that God himself had been preparing me for my husband’s  passing.  To this day when I go by the hospital I can say this is where you received my husband. I’m am thankful to know this. Who can be upset to know that is where your love is? With the Lord himself!

Pastor Donna we will always miss their physical  presence, Always!

We are definitely called to overcome! And we can, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens  us. Holy Spirit is our Comforter.

I read Pastor  Henry’s  last letter to us. I teared,

I  am accepting the Baton. In Christ I desire to carry on and teach the very revelations of truth I received  from Pastor  Henry’s  ministry here in Denton  TX. Or where ever  God leads me.

I am a soul forever transformed by the truth and ministry  of Pastor  Henry.

I love Be In Health.  I’m so thankful for my time there in  October 2009.

I’m most thankful that this ministry  to the Body will go on in Jesus name with many demonstrations  of  His power and love, for His glory.

I will be praying for you Pastor Donna and the great team God set in place  to carry on the call of being in a more excellent way and in health!

Love Wendy  Fraser

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