Tricia Becker

My Love and Blessings to you all to continue the work of Dr Wright.  My heart, soul and spirit grieves with you all. I found be in health videos and Dr Wright a little over 3 weeks ago. Amazed with all the information provided from God’s Living word for healing disease & hurting people. I have been on Natural health since 1990. An RN for 24 years and do not like the system and all the drugs. It’s been a journey telling people about everything they were eating and drinking wrong and putting poisonous drugs in their body. I have sold so many supplements to help people over the years. It did not add up so frustrated with people not doing what I recommended. Over the last year I have been on a journey to find the Lords will & purpose for my life. I realized that the supplements were leaving my lord totally out of the picture and it was useless without him. I was so confused why Christians all take drugs and healing is rare. Taming symptoms wasn’t bad with supplements but it has been a bandaid like the drugs. Last week I ordered 10 of the spiritual roots of disease and 2 Be in health books. I want to help people heal like Dr Wright did. I am going to watch everything he has done as well as read the books and promote them. Monday night I sat down after dinner I looked at the newsfeed on YouTube and I saw the announcement. I am so sorry for your loss of your beautiful Godly man. May our lord comfort and surround you all with his grace and mercy. I want to come to a training.  God bless you all and this ministry. Live Tricia Becker

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