Taking Responsibility

The second step to getting free after you recognize a problem is taking responsibility. This is where the journey with the Father gets exciting! You must stop blaming others and own your life. It does not matter whether someone defiled you or whether it was your sin. You have become one with it and it is now yours. To process the issue properly, and get the win, you have to take responsibility.

Let’s look at King David, who God called a man after His own heart. The first thing David did when Nathan the prophet confronted him about his sin of murder and adultery was to go directly to God in prayer. He admitted his guilt and recognized his sin. He said in Psalm 51:4 “Against thee, thee only, have I sinned, and done [this] evil in thy sight.” The Spirit of God was there to convict him, but David had a choice to respond to Him just as you and I have a choice.

The comparison between King David and King Saul is amazing. David went directly to God in his sin and made his peace with God. Tweet this! Saul, when confronted with his sin by Samuel the prophet, said to him, Pray to your God for me. Saul did not want to own his transgressions, but rather followed his appetite for rebellion over humility.

Each person must go to the Father for themselves. Take everything to Him in prayer. No one can go there for you because it is your faith and your life.

We as Christians have participated with sin, but we have been instructed to be cleansed and sanctified. It is guilt that tells us there is double jeopardy and we are always going to pay for past sins. That’s the devil talking. We do not have to live stuck in the past, in our sin. Tweet this! We should earnestly, yet humbly, pursue our forgiveness, get cleaned up, and get on with life just like David did.

Dr. Henry Wright, the  8 Rs to Freedom

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