Taking My Life Back!

The story below is about a woman who was hopeless and sick, going to every doctor and trying every type of therapy to get help. Nothing worked…until God led her on a journey to understand who He really is as her Father and how much He loves her. She is now completely healed and knows that nothing is impossible for God!

I was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity/Environmental Illness (MCS/EI) in 1983. Any physician I went to never helped – I only got worse. Because of the restricted diet I was on, my weight went down to 73 lbs. I had to remove carpeting from my home, sell furniture, cut off gas heat, etc. It was finally suggested that I move to a less polluted environment so I stayed in an “EI safe” home in California for a few months and then finally had to sell my house and move to Texas. I lived in Wimberly, TX for a year and a half, and during that time went to Mexico twice for their live cell therapy. That didn’t help and I was still “allergic” to everything – food, chemicals, clothing, exhaust fumes, and perfume. As my last hope, I went to the environmental clinic in Dallas and then moved into the housing they offer for people with MCS. For nearly nine years I lived in a 20 ft. Airstream trailer that was gutted and lined with foil tape. Inside was a cot to sleep on, a metal folding chair, and a few clothes. The kitchen and laundry facilities were in a separate building. The environment I lived in was one of sickness, negativity, hopelessness and depression. 

I went to chiropractors, did energy testing, tried to take vitamins and homeopathic remedies, and for a while had a subclavian catheter for IV feedings because of my low weight. Everything I did made me sick. I was so depressed and hopeless. After spending $10,000 for treatment by a New Age chiropractor, I told God He would have to heal me because I was finished throwing money away. I would rather give any money I had to Him.

All my life I had believed that everything that happened to a person came from God – good and bad. Why was He punishing me this way? Why was He angry with me? I felt God had deserted me. The emotional pain was as bad as the physical pain. I had contacted a few churches in the area during those years but they didn’t know how to help me. One church told me I needed deliverance; I didn’t even know what that was but I went and 4 people prayed for me, I repented, etc. I started to feel some hope for my life.

Ten days after that meeting I had an accident where I fell from the step of my trailer onto a concrete sidewalk. My right side was injured, especially my leg, and at first I couldn’t move. I didn’t go to the ER, because of fear of chemicals and thinking my injuries were minor, but finally had to call an ambulance because my leg was badly swollen, hard and a bluish-gray color; the pain had become unbearable. I was in the hospital for a week, went home in a full leg cast and was isolated in my trailer. I couldn’t take any medications so the pain was unbearable at times. I used a wheelchair and a walker for over a year; the healing came slowly. Loneliness, frustration, and anger at God grew.

One day someone handed me a letter and thought I would be interested; it was about a pastor who was helping people with MCS. I called the phone number and talked to two people for an hour, and cried all night. Finally it seemed there was hope! After 8 months of phone ministry, I had enough strength – physically, emotionally, spiritually – to move to Georgia.

My healing did not happen overnight, nor was it easy. I dealt with many issues in my life and learned who God really was – especially God the Father. He is good, He is love. I had lived in fear and avoidance for so many years and now had to reprogram my thoughts, words, and action to agree with God’s. It was hard work but so worth it. I thank God for giving me back my life and especially, for knowing Him so much better. God is good. Never give up or think anything is too hard for God.  Tweet this!

Pat, Georgia

Testimony taken from page E-30, A More Excellent Way by Dr. Henry W. Wright 

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