Starting Something New

Have you noticed that we are creating a video library on the Overcomers’ Community? Every other month we will continue to make a full one-day specialty conference available to Overcomers’ Community members. When you become a member of the Overcomers’ Community we know it’s because you are serious about being an overcomer.  Likewise, we are serious in our responsibility in establishing generations of overcomers. Each of these conferences is about five hours of teaching, covering a vital topic for the Body of Christ and your personal journey to wholeness.

Currently, Overcoming PTSD and Who Am I?, are available to watch on the Overcomers’ Community.  Dr. Wright addresses these topics in ways never heard before, but the testimonies coming in from those who have listened are amazing.
On June 1st the specialty conference Unravelling Iniquity will be available on the Overcomers’ Community. Many people assume that iniquity and sin mean the same thing. Actually, iniquity is how the scripture defines sins that visit our generations. In Unravelling Iniquity Dr. Henry W. Wright has set out to help us understand scripturally the difference between iniquity and sin and why it matters in our journey of overcoming. Maybe you’ve dealt with personal sins, but still don’t have the full freedom God has promised. Understanding and dealing with iniquity could be the missing piece to your journey forward.


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