Sorting Out this Marriage Thing

One large part of relationship is caring one for another. It’s a big deal to me in my relationship with Pastor Donna. It’s what keeps me beside God in the straight and narrow. I don’t want to do anything in my life concerning her that would cause pain in her eyes. 

In our relationship, I’m committed to being faithful to her. I can’t stand the pain of grief in her eyes that I would cause if I wasn’t. I can imagine what that would look like, and I do everything I can to make sure that that what I say or do never pierces her. It’s true. And I think that’s a good goal. Not just to have her smile, but to have her eyes happy. Isn’t that what you want from the Lord?

If the Lord walked in here would you be happy around Him or would you want to run and hide from Him? If the man is to be to the wife as Christ is to the church, then my first objective should be Donna’s welfare. I make my wife’s welfare my priority before I ever make ministry my priority. Then I take care of the welfare of our family. To the best of my ability, I have fulfilled my role as priest of the home to Donna and the children. And in this conversation, Donna and my family loan me to God.

The Word says that when a man gets married, he no longer belongs totally to the Lord. Do you know the Bible says that? Scripture says that the man who gets married or is no longer single is not able to give his life totally to the Lord. I’ve seen men in ministry sacrifice their wives and children in the name of the Lord. They are in ungodly order. If you’re married, the Bible and even your ministry will not allow you to sacrifice your wife or your children for the sake of working for the Lord.

Dr. Henry Wright, an excerpt from “Sorting Out this Marriage Thing” with Pastor Donna Wright


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