Skin Cancer Healed!

The 8 Rs to Freedom are great tools for your walk out, but they also help remove the spiritual blocks to healing. Read as Levenda shares her journey with the 8 Rs to Freedom and the healing that came from applying them to her life! 

I developed a flesh colored bump on the inside of my knee. It was malignant melanoma, a very aggressive, fast moving skin cancer. I had a wide excision to remove the cancer and several lymph nodes.

In 2009, my family and I came to For My Life. A new cancerous lesion had formed on my arm and I planned to have it removed when I returned home. When I looked for it during my personal ministry time, it was gone–vanished! Since then, God has gently guided me in the unraveling of years of self-bitterness, self-hatred, and guilt that caused me to be susceptible to cancer and the fear that kept it all in place. I am learning to love myself like my Father loves me. I understand that I have worth because He created me in His image to be loved, not hated. Tweet this!

In the past six years, I have had several lesions pop up that looked like what had been cancer in the past. Now I have a new protocol: I ask my Father to show me where I am still in agreement with the enemy. I do not fear and I go on with my life trusting God will show me the problem or have me go to the doctor. The lesions have either just fallen off before my eyes when I recognized and repented of the roots, or they just went away.  I am still learning how to do this but I know I have found a more excellent way!

Levenda, GA

Praise God! What an incredible testimony. To learn more about the 8 Rs to Freedom, click here.

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