This teaching on Self–Pity is from the For My Life® program. It will help us understand what Self-Pity really is and what it does to our life and walk with God. What we may think is “depression” may actually be the effects of a spirit of Self-Pity in our life! Although this spirit hides well, it can be identified and overcome in our lives.

Be encouraged as you watch the iamchanged webcast and read the highlights below:


1. Some interesting and important points about Self-Pity are:

  • Self-pity seeks to take notice of, and highlight, times when unfair things happen to us. When this happens self-pity is right there to begin to make us feel as much as possible as if we’re suffering. This suffering can even be perceived as a sort of “badge of honor.”
  • If we allow this focus on perceived suffering and wretchedness to continue in our lives it can become part our personality.
  • This spirit is particularly harmful because the suffering, negativity and hopelessness that it brings can be a significant block to being healed in spirit, soul and body.
  • Self-pity seeks to make us feel like “heroes” in our negative circumstances and that can eventually become part of our identity.
  • Therefore, we must learn to recognize it and remove it as soon as possible.

2. More basic facts and characteristics of Self-pity:

  • The word self-pity is not in the Bible but began to be used around the year 1621.
  • It is defined as “pity for oneself, especially a self-indulgent dwelling on your sorrows, grief or misfortunes. “
  • If we adopt self-pity, it will tell us that it is “the end of life’s usefulness.”
  • It is also defined as “being a victim of events and deserving of condolences.”
  • It can seem positive because it can act as anesthesia and somewhat numb the pain, but unfortunately, it also puts us to sleep and traps us in a cocoon of mush, heaviness and hopelessness.
  • Sadly, because of this apparently positive effect and feeling, it can feel “normal”. This highly addictive feeling can be difficult to overcome as we become comfortable living with it.

So remember, the good news is that we do not have to continue allowing self-pity and depression to be “normal” in our lives any longer! We can recognize it for what it is and choose to remove it or resist it before it can lead us to be negative, hopeless or depressed. We can instead choose to believe God and His Word and thereby overcome self-pity!

Be blessed!

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