Real Solutions for Seasonal Allergies – No Meds Required!

By definition, an allergy is a hypersensitive reaction to any antigen (any substance producing a reaction). This is a strong area where our ministry sees victory with much success over allergies.

Your body was not designed to be allergic to anything. Tweet this!  In creation, God created you to be compatible with everything you are exposed to. You have been misled about what really causes allergies. An allergic reaction is actually a byproduct biologically of a compromised immune system. You’re experiencing antibodies being formed because of excessive B cell activity, which is a side effect of your compromised immune system.

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Here is a testimony of an Overcomer getting through outdoor allergies:

Overcoming Outdoor Allergies

When I had MCS/EI my biggest reaction was to the outdoor air. I wasn’t sure just what I was reacting to, but pollen was a problem. The wind was my biggest fear because it would drive whatever was in the air into my eyes, nose and ears. It would give me symptoms resembling a respiratory flu that lasted for weeks.

I signed up for a photography workshop in the country photographing horses and cowgirls. It turned out to be a very windy day and everything was in bloom and pollinating. Normally, I don’t spend much time outside under such conditions, maybe an hour or two, the wind being my concern.

During this photoshoot, I had no choice but to be outside for 7 hours straight. After a few hours, I felt heaviness in my chest as if I might be getting asthma. We had climbed up a hill (I don’t do hills either), and there was nothing to break the wind in order to take pictures of these horses running up the hill. I prayed against fear of wind and fear of old reactions So I said to Father God: OK it is do or die and I am staying trusting you. Well, needless to say, I did fine. I had no residual after affects from all the pollen and the wind. Others were sneezing a lot.

It was a wonderful day enjoying the glory of nature and so much fun. I can’t thank him enough for this victory!


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If you want to understand the spiritual side of sickness, physical and mental, this book explains it simply. I would recommend this to everyone who struggles.

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This book is loaded with great Biblical insight to a healthy lifestyle.


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