Prodigal Son Returning to the Father’s House

The Father saw something in you, and in me that far transcended who we were when He found us in our spiritual harlotry and in our unqualified, unworthy state. He saw a son. I didn’t know I was a son. Hey, being a son wasn’t much fun when I was growing up.
But He also saw something else in me—He saw a future wife of Christ. Not in the carnal sense of male and female but in the total conclusion of our calling to be a help meet to Messiah forever, on into the millennium, and on into the new heavens and the new earth, worlds without end. We will learn how to serve our husband as kings and priests. Some of us will be ruling natural men politically, others ruling their spiritual and life affairs. We will be life coaches forever, of natural men that we rule over in the generations of man. Life coaches, wow, what a term. And in this journey God called a future wife for His Son, the Lord Jesus.

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