Overcoming Rejection

Overcoming Rejection

From Be in Health this week, we have an excerpt from our book entitled: Rejection. This is an essential resource to understanding how we can be ensnared by the enemy but also how we may become free with application of the Word. We hope you are exhorted and encouraged through this piece of the teaching:

Jesus Was Rejected

Isaiah 53 is a tremendous statement about your LORD and my LORD and the prophecies concerning His coming. When the LORD came from heaven, when God the Word came from Heaven and became flesh, He was not surprised that He was rejected and murdered for your sins. The LORD knew it was going to happen to Him before it happened.

Do you think it’s possible for you to know you are going to be rejected in certain cases before it ever happens? If you’re around certain people, that is your stressor in rejection. If you get around them, you could be rejected pretty severely. Are you prepared to go there? If you’re delivered of rejection, you can face that person from then on and never be affected by it. If you have the spirit of rejection and you face them, it will scar you, it will pierce you, and it will trouble you. Then all these other characters are right there to go, “Yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah.”

The power of deliverance and the power of freedom is that you can stand before any devil and not be affected. The Bible says, “the evil one came to Christ and found nothing within Him.” He came to tempt Him, he came to find some way to get inside Jesus’ spirit as a man. He did everything; he tempted Him, he caused persecution, Jesus was reviled even to the death. The devil was waiting for somewhere that Jesus would go into bitterness, Jesus would go into envy and jealousy, Jesus would go into rejection, Jesus would go into resentment and retaliation, and the devil would strip away the love of God. The Bible says the evil one came and found nothing within Jesus; he did not find any creature within His spiritual makeup and that’s why He was sinless.

 … for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me. John 14:30

So what are YOU going to do? You are going to remove those creatures from within you so when the devil comes, he won’t find anything to link up with. When you have somebody that’s going to reject you, is rejection going to find rejection within you? Is bitterness going to find bitterness within you? Is envy and jealousy going to find envy and jealousy within you? Is accusation going to find accusation within you? Like begets like. What’s out there, and what’s in there is a match, and that produces the sin. The sin is you uniting with an aspect of Satan’s kingdom, through his principalities and powers.

Are you prepared to be rejected? You need to be. Jesus was. Isaiah, by the Spirit of God, prophesied that Jesus, when He came in the flesh as a man, would be rejected by men. But did Jesus take in an evil spirit of rejection because of it? No, He didn’t, and neither do you have to take in that evil spirit.

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