Overcoming PTSD Episode 2

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In our newest iamchanged webcast, we continue to explore the subject of Overcoming Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This webcast is another excerpt from our Be in Health Specialty Conference examining the subject of PTSD. With the knowledge imparted by this teaching, we can learn to start discerning, and begin overcoming PTSD in our lives.

Be encouraged as you watch this excerpt, and find insights into the following points:

  • Hear how the inability to be a “safe place” for each other can produce PTSD.
  • What can lead a person to develop PTSD?
  • Learn insights into how breakdowns in family structure can relate to PTSD.
  • Hear an example from Pastor Anita’s own life circumstances and how they can contribute to developing PTSD.
  • How are biblical principles vital to overcoming PTSD?
  • Learn where the beginning of all healing takes place.
  • How can our enemy destroy us and our families and place his “image” in our families and our personal lives?
  • Be inspired and challenged not to live as a victim of your past any longer.
  • How is PTSD defined? What is the difference between acute and chronic PTSD. Which scriptures can help us in our overcoming of PTSD?
  • Is PTSD limited to veterans of the military or is it a problem that many others also experience?

We all confront the situations that can produce PTSD in our lives. With God, we have the opportunity to overcome.

If you enjoy what you see in this excerpt we invite you to join the Overcomers’ Community where you can watch the entire Overcoming PTSD Specialty Conference. This teaching is dedicated to giving you discernment to understand the various ways we can all become ensnared in physical and emotional troubles.

The resources and teachings provided by the Overcomers’ Community, give you solutions according to God’s Word to help you along your journey to freedom.

Be blessed!

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