How to Overcome Passivity

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This teaching from the For My Life program helps us understand what passivity is, how it can suppress who we really are, and how it can damage our relationships. Through this understanding, we can learn how to overcome passivity with God’s help.

Be encouraged as you watch the video and read the highlights below.

The First Step to Overcoming Passivity is Being Honest

  • The Spirit of God is right there to help us go in the other direction: towards being part of the solution, instead of part of the pollution that passivity brings to our relationships.

Important Aspects of How to Overcome Passivity in Marriages

  • Passivity in the husband is what the enemy wants. If he can get the head of the household to be passive, he can bring a whole other kingdom to put disorder in relationships.
  • Because a wife is joined to her husband, his passivity can be a trigger for the enemy to tempt her with control and self-pity. This comes as a way to “cope” with his passivity.
  • Since this can be a chain reaction, God wants to first deal with the head of the home.
  • It must be understood that the wife/helpmeet is “responding” to what is being provided to her spiritually.
  • When the husband is willing to accept that he has to take responsibility at some level, the Father is there to help him in the personal process to dismantle and overthrow passivity’s mentality in his life.
  • This is why repentance and taking responsibility are so important in taking our proper position with God.

One of the Greatest Weapons of Passivity is Silence

  • We are made in His image, and God is not silent. Tweet this! It is time to wake up and learn to speak as our Creator intended us to.
  • It is time to identify passivity in our lives. This includes keeping silent about one’s thoughts; not being clear; not taking responsibility; and/or not taking the initiative in our relationship with God.
  • According to Psalm 32, passivity can have an impact on our health if not recognized.Psalm 32:3 When I kept silence, my bones waxed old through my roaring all the day long.
  • Passivity wants to shut down clear communication. Have conversations outside your head. That kingdom wants you to stuff everything… thoughts, desires, and even tears.  We become intellectual and unemotional, which is similar to being stoic.
  • Unemotional homes are damaging situations established by the enemy. There is a strategy from this enemy to disciple us into replicating this family iniquity. We have to take responsibility for passivity towards God and others so that He may re-form us into the real son or daughter He designed us to be.

How to Overcome Passivity Solutions

  • Make time and put your mind on “speakerphone.” In other words, if you struggle with passivity, start expressing what you’re thinking.
  • When you do the talking instead of yielding to silence, it puts that other kingdom on “mute.” You are going to make mistakes when you talk… so what! Repent if you do, but don’t wait for God to force you to change. Take hold of the gift through His Son and initiate conversation and relationship.
  • Let others hear directly from you, as opposed to expecting them to interpret your facial expressions or mood as indicators of what you are thinking.
  • Although passivity can feel like a bear trap or a physically heavy barrier to speak and express ourselves, we can press through. If we repent and ask our Father in heaven for help, He is right there to meet us and the heaviness has to leave!
We do not have to be stuck with passivity. Tweet this! It is a choice we make with the Father to permit Him to help us deal with it properly and remove it from our lives. We can be re-formed into His ways, which starts our freedom from this inherited assignment.

We can overcome passivity! For additional information on how you can do this in your life, check out our teaching titled, Overcoming Passivity.

Be blessed.

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